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About to Lose Google Partner Badge

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I've only held Google Partner status for a few months; a while back I received a notification that I was about to lose my badge. I contacted support when I couldn't figure out why and was instructed that it was simply because my account was < 1 year old.

Now I'm receiving the notification again and I'm nervous support's original reasoning may not be the case (I've received wrong information from Google Support before), so I wanted to reach out.

Does anyone else have any insight on this issue?

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September 2016

About to Lose Google Partner Badge

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@Chelsea H


What does it say on your status page? It can be found here:

Places to look are the Spend and Performance section.  Are they close to or below the minimum?

If all looks good there I wouldn't worry about it. There was some sort of glitch a week or so ago where the validity date was saying 1969 or something weird like that. That could have something to do with it.  You should also know that if you do technically lose your status, you have a 30 day grace period to correct the issue.


About to Lose Google Partner Badge

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Hi Chelsea,


The requirements are set out clearly on the help page linked-to below.


Qualifying for Google Partner status - Partner status requirements


As long as you comply with the Partner status requirements, you cannot lose your badge.