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2nd chance

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Hi G-team,


Long story short... in 2012 or earlier I tried my luck in web design and stumbled upon the Google Web tools.


I was a newbie and had a lot of info that I skipped just to get my hands on coding and styling the webpages, got Google Analytics to work and ended up on Ad Wards.


I made my first campaign and as expected it didn't work, the banners where displaying (later found out that it was normal because of some settings). Trying to fix it i clicked the banners (later found out I was violating the policies), I regret deeply not reading all the terms and conditions and policies.... 


I know I messed up and you guys take it seriously and you should because you are pioneers exploring the unknown potential of the Internet.


It's been 4 years and I know that I'm missing a lot... I can't even make a Youtube account where I can Vlog.


If possible G-team I really want to get back into the program!!!  


If there I something I must do ... please tell me!! 


And If my account get reinstated I will print the Policies and read them every day so I don't mess things again! 







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Re: 2nd chance

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Hey Radu, how are things?

If I understood correctly, I'm guessing that the click problem on the banners was related to Google Adsense, and not Google Adwords, is that correct? Because from the Adwords perspective, there's no prohibition for you to click on your own ads and in AdSense this would be fraud to try and gain more money.

IF that's the case, you should try and reach the official Adsense community over here:!forum/adsense

If you're sure that is related to Adwords, can you please provide more information for us, or at least me? I've personally never seen this and would be interested in digging a little deeper.

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click