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2 subdomains with the same IP address

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Hi Guys

Is 2 subdomains with the same IP address, consider as duplicate content for Google Adwords?

We have AW campaigns with those 2 subdomains ( also different content) and we have noticed that from time to time AW is not presenting one of the campaign’s ads with the notation that the destinations is not working  -and of course it works




2 subdomains with the same IP address

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Hi Eyal,


If you get alarms that the destination is not working, it means that the AdWords bot couldn't access the specific destination. This could bacause of bot bloccking from robots.txt or, in some cases, when the site's speed is extremely slow.

If I understand correctly, you have those alarms periodically. I would check site's response times.

2 subdomains with the same IP address

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hi @Eyal B,


you can advertise two subdomains without any problems, if you are having a destination is not working problem it means that your site was done for sometime when the adwords system was checking on it.

The thing to do to solve this is resubmit the ads to be reviewed again