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1 impression, 2 clicks billed

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I just caught $230 wroth of this on one account. I will now audit all accounts I manage. Any lawyers listening in?

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1 impression, 2 clicks billed

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Hi @Bob R


Can you be more specific or provide me with a screenshot, it could just be that someone clicked on an ad then they had their session timeout and come back to the site. I am not discrediting your claim, I just would like a little more information to identify the possible solution.


Was this a Display, Video, Search campaign?


Thank you.

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1 impression, 2 clicks billed

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Hi Bob,


No need for lawyers. In the AdWords help files they clearly say you can be charged for up to 2 clicks per ad impression. 


  • Customers may be clicking more than one link within your ad. You won’t be charged for more than two clicks per ad impression and Adwords filters out any invalid clicks that we detect.


It is quite common to see multiple clicks, and Google doesn't mention this very often because it is hard for advertisers to understand. 


If you segment the data, you can choose Click Type and see why you were charged for 2 clicks.


Re: 1 impression, 2 clicks billed

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Thanks, but no thanks. I have spent almost $1,000,000 on ppc over the last
two decades. I have called Google. Was on hold for 50 minutes. I posted
this to see how many this is happening to. Search your actual search terms
over a broad time period. Sort by views. Look at the "1's" and you will see
2 clicks for one view. And double the charge. My keywords are $5 to $15.

Google's explanations ring hollow.

1 impression, 2 clicks billed

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It is the way AdWords works. Google feel that if you click on, say the headline and then the sitelink, you are a much more inspired searcher and it is worth it.


It is baked into the AdWords system, and you can only stop it by disabling clickable ad extensions - but even then Google have never said they won't charge you for two clicks on the headline. Rather they say they filter out invalid clicks, like two clicks in one second. They don't get into specifics.


The bottom line: if you have spent $1M on AdWords then presumably it is profitable for you to do so. Ignore the two clicks thing, you can't change it, and you won't get a refund and you can't sue. It is after all called "pay per click". 


Or another way of looking at it - it is a level playing field, and everyone deals with it. It happens to everyone. (I've worked on thousands of accounts...).  If Google removed this "feature", they'd just raise minimum bids to make up the difference.