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youtube ad disapproved, URL issues

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I'm trying to create an IMAGE AD that shows up on a specific YT channel and I'm having issues with the URLs.All I'm trying to do is when people click on the ad it goes to my YT video on my YT channel. So the only domain involved is youtube.


I replaced the real video ID with "123456" for this discussion.


I've used:


Display URL:

Final URL:


and I get: Final URL redirects to a different domain, Inaccurate display URL.


What is the issues? How to fix it?

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Re: youtube ad disapproved, URL issues

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Hi there;
This error is usually shown when the domain of the display URL does not match the landing page domain.
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Re: youtube ad disapproved, URL issues

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I solved, it seems like Adwords is picky and I needed to put the whole original full YT URL link on both places. Adwords does not recognize Google's own URL shortener (