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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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three ad campaigns were disapproved,

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Hello Google,


I am an affiliate and I created three ad campaigns in order to get at least one approved, but unfortunately all of them got "site suspended". So, I want to know if there is any way I can check whether the site gonna be approved before I waist my time in creating campaigns..


Thank You..!!!


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September 2015

Re: three ad campaigns were disapproved,

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Hi Amulya,

Welcome to the AdWords Community!


It is unfortunate to hear of your suspension, but unfortunately there is probably not much that can be done.  

Google will only suspend an Account if serious violations of their Policies have been committed.


Specifically to Affiliate Advertisers, review the AdWords Affiliate Advertiser Policy.  


What Should I know as an Affiliate in AdWords


Also, I recommend you review the AdWords Policies and see where your site might be in violation.  Then, I suggest you fix the violations.  Once the violations have been fixed, you can request a re-review from AdWords, but again, make sure to address the violations and that your site is compliant with Google's policies before you request a re-review.




Re: three ad campaigns were disapproved,

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Hello, re adwords affiliate accounts. I do not know - Amulya and that name someone who I have never heard of. I did not apply for -Affiliate in Adwords account and there must be some mistake. Please check your records and solve this problem, thank you,
Ed Matechuk