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site suspension without giving any reasons!!!!

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I have created adwords campaign and i was surprised to see that my site was suspended i contacted support several times to inquire about specific reasons of suspension as i reviewed google policies several times and i couldn't see any violation. however i was told to make 2 modifications which i did and then i got an email that was site will still be suspended with our giving any specific reasons.. i believe its my right to be informed at least where the violation occurs (in case it does, where I';m sure it doesn;t), please take a look at my site and just tell me where the (claimed violation occurs)

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Re: site suspension without giving any reasons!!!!

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This site violates a number of clauses within the "user safety" section of the Policy.
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Re: site suspension without giving any reasons!!!!

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Hello Sameer,


Fortunately, the violations aren't "egregious" level yet, hence AdWords only suspending the site not the account.  However, you do need to fix this asap.


Here are some helpful hints to help you along the path:


1. Unclear Business Model - your site flunks the "5 second rule" pretty bad so you need to rework the site for that

2. Quit dancing around "Make Money" business model.  This is too hard for the common advertiser to make work so just get away from promoting money making with your service.

3. Disclaimers

4.  Transparency - Too much fluff and not enough "to the point, this is what we do and how we help you"

5. Misleading and Inaccurate Claims

6. Get Rich Quick Claims



These all fall under User Safety which is a subjective policy that google uses to say "we don't like your business model" so you have to think "What type of business model would google like to do business with?" and rework your model with that in mind.


Hope that helps.