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site suspended without explanation

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I received a disapproval notice which gave no reason why you rejected my ad after more than a year and thousands of dollars in fees. The links provided on your webside were useless, you have a complex approval process and there was no way for your customers to figure out the cause.Eventually I decided to look through my email and found a script-generated message which, after going through the same rigamarole, finally noted "parked site". I realized I had forgotten to renew my domain name and immediately did so, then submitted a request for a site review. All I got for my trouble was a notice that it might take 3 business days for you to check whether my domain name was active. Then I got another email the next day saying my ad was again disapproved, this time with no explanation at all except that it should be obvious to me, from perusing your help pages, which of your labyrinth of rules I was not complying with.


If you are going to send a script-generated disapproval notice, and you have a reason for disapproval, the script should include it at the beginning of the message. And the explanation shown when the user clicks the link in the adwords web page should prominently state the reason as well. Also, having separate websites, formats, and billing for adwords and adwords express is a pain in the neck. All of these deficiencies should be trivial for a huge industry leader to fix.


I realize Google can ignore individual customers, but I can't even for a day. If I treated my patients like this I would not expect them to come back. Judging by the similar messages from others I am not the only one. I would suggest you put less effort into fancy but confusing web pages and a little more into dealing with your customers in a more considerate manner, as you would expect to be treated yourself. If your goal is to get your loyal customers to give up on Google and switch to Bing and Ask, this is a good way to accomplish it.


Of course you are free to ignore my advice, but I owned one of the first 400 public access gopher servers, before even Mosaic was released, and have had websites ever since it became available, and I have found that there are few things more important to a site administrator than user feedback.




Dan Woodard, MD

First Help Urgent Care

777 37th St

Vero Beach, FL 32960


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Re: site suspended without explanation

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Hi Dan,
Sorry you're experiencing this. I know how frustrating it can be. Google have a long way to go in terms of helping webmasters identify problems. If it's any consolation, it's been like this for as long as I can remember.

My best guess is that there such a high volume of these, they can't really handle a personalized response to each user. I'd imagine there's quite a lot of people breaking the rules and knowing what they're doing and those who have legitimate (in my opinion) problems get turfed in with those.

Anyway, nobody here has access to your account and nobody (that I know of) is a member of the review team (I can imagine they'd be pretty overwhelmed here!).

Your best course of action is to fill out this form:

And wait for someone from Google, with access to your account, to get back to you on Monday.

Nothing much you can do at this point but wait.

Re: site suspended without explanation

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As Dave said, those processes are mostly automated, and are not done a "real" human reviewer, but rather by machines (i.e bots). Once the bot - scanning the sites-  finds a "parked domain", the account is suspended, and an automated email is generated. (We could argue  how helpful these  emails are, if at all..... - For now, this is the process and the format of a notification to users...)

Anyway; there is a process of escalating the case to Google. However, before doing so, please copy-paste the exact text shown on the red strip, at the top of the page, when you log  into the account.

Also, if you could share your website URL - this could be of a great help;



Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: site suspended without explanation

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