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site suspended - low value content

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My new ad campagin status is "site suspened" due to a policy violation, low value content. I read through the policy details and couldn't understand which one or ones are violated by my site.


This is a new online jewelry shopping site. All the contents are my own and original. There are no ads on the site or re-direction.

Please help me understand the policy violation

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September 2016

Re: site suspended - low value content

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Hi @Nonesuch c,


From a quick review of your website, I would say that you need more information under each image on your front page and some general info, too. There is just not enough content (wording). Your blog page is empty. And your About Us is severely lacking any substance. There is just so little information provided that it does not lend credibility or validity to a store or website about a business.  The Twitter button goes to Shopify and not yours (remove it or add yours). 


Insufficient original content

Content that is designed for the primary purpose of showing ads
  • Examples: Driving traffic (whether through "arbitrage" or otherwise) to destinations with more ads than original content, little or no original content, or excessive advertising
Content that is replicated from another source without adding value in the form of original content or additional functionality
  • Examples: Mirroring, framing, or scraping content from another source
Landing pages that are solely designed to send users elsewhere
  • Examples: Bridge, doorway, gateway, or other intermediate pages
  1. Read the policy above to learn about the behaviors that we don't allow. Check your website or app to see where you can replace low-value content with rich original content.
    • Examples of low-value content that we don't allow:
      • Websites or apps with excessive advertising
      • Websites or apps that scrape content from other sources
      • Templated websites or pre-generated websites that provide duplicate content to users
      • Websites or apps with deceptive navigation, that never deliver the promised service or product, or that prevent a user from doing anything other than clicking an ad
      • Websites or apps with ads that are indistinguishable from the rest of the content
      • App download promotions that direct users to a destination where the app can't actually be downloaded and that lack any other original content or functionality
      • Landing pages that are solely designed to send users elsewhere
      • Landing pages that copy the content of other websites or apps
    • Examples of changes you might make to your landing page:
      • Add more original content or functionality to your site. Focus on providing the user with useful, unique, and original content immediately.
      • Don't use a landing page that has excessive advertising or is otherwise designed primarily to show ads. The main focus of your website or app shouldn't be ads, regardless of how relevant the ads are to your ad text.
      • Reduce the number of ads or space taken up by ads.
      • Remove all HTML framesets that copy content from domains other than the ad landing page domain.
      • Create unique, original content, such as original logos, business names, and images on each domain that you own.
      • If your site or app has search functionality, make sure that the search results aren't just copied from other sites or apps.
  2. Change your ad's landing page. To run your ad, you can either fix your landing page to make it comply, or you can choose to change your destination URL to point to another part of your website or app that does comply with our policy. If you made changes to comply with our policy, use this link to let us know:


Once you make the changes, use this link to request a review. You can also open AdWords and click on the gear icon in upper right hand corner and call the number shown or click on Help and use another method to interact with AdWords Support. 


Kind Regards,




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site suspended - low value content

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Hi Nonesuch, 


Your suspension is easy to solve just add more content to your site products and relevant pages. 





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site suspended - low value content

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Thanks for the suggestions. I will follow them. One more question, was my site reviewed and rejected by a human (expert) or a software checker of some sort?


I am using a standard shopify theme and i didn't want to add many words on my homepage, just have photos. I can definitely add more contents in other pages.


site suspended - low value content

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Hi @Nonesuch c,


AdWords accounts are reviewed by humans and software, but rest-assured, when you get more content on your website and add in a contact us page, about us page, terms & services page... all with content (unique wording) about who you are, along with adding in unique descriptions for each item and repeating your site name for every product, and adding wording to the products and all web pages, you will be fine. 


Remember, a website needs to offer a unique position as an place... not just offer up unique products. Online stores need to have content that shows this. This is important not only for AdWords, but for your visitors, too. Consumers needs to have faith in where they are and who they are dealing with... you are completely cloaked and offering nothing.


Kind Regards,




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