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remarketing to a health/disease site

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Okay so I read further through what's allowed and not with remarketing and I'm not sure wether I fall into the allowed or not allowed category.


I want to use remarketing to people who have visited my site about diabetes (specific condition and disease) but can I use an ad that does NOT imply that I have knowledge about their condition?


For example: "Food to control your diabetes" would not be allowed since it implies I know about their condition. But would "Read about how I control my diabetes" be okay since it's focused on me, not on them - even though it is a specific condition?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: remarketing to a health/disease site

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Hi Marcus,

Under 'what is prohibited' in creating remarketing list is as below.

In creating remarketing lists, sites or apps that specifically advertise either a pharmaceutical drug or run awareness pages for disease information or prevention aren't permitted to use remarketing.

As per my understanding, the 'prohibition' is on creating and using a remarketing list, based on a specific medical condition, no matter how we are 'wording' the advertisement.

My 2 cents,


Re: remarketing to a health/disease site

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Hello again

To follow with Deepak ( aka info) 

Google doesn't just look at the ad-text, but also on the final landing page the users are directed to;

In this case, as  Deepak mentioned, promoting (through the various targeting channels in Adwords) a site that promotes a cure for diabetes -  is prohibited.




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remarketing to a health/disease site

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:Follow-up question:


What if the product is not a cure? What if it's a cookbook/recipe book that is specific for Diabetes patients? Do you think that would be against the policy as well, @MosheTLV?


Thanks for your great insights! Smiley Happy

remarketing to a health/disease site

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