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reactivating a account and a campaigne

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I closed the Adwords Account a while back and now want to reactivate it.   I have already updated my billing preferences and i have a credit balance still  of $72.00.   When I try to run my campaign ads, I am still being showed message acct is cancelled. and it offers me a Click here to reactivate.   This just sends me back to billing, which billing is already updated.    So I dont understand what the issue is.    I finaly was given a message:


Your ads aren't running because you've canceled your AdWords account. To reactivate, call us at (866) 246-6453. Learn more


I call and now they are closed.     So i will have to call tomorrow i suppose but any one have any suggestions on what the problem is.   

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September 2015

Re: reactivating a account and a campaigne

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Hi phxautoglass


Welcome to the AdWords community :-)


Here is an information page about re activating your account. I advise that you read the information to make sure that you followed the steps to re activate the account.


As no one on the forum has access to your account to view it or comment further on this if the account has not re activated, I think it's best that you contact support if you cannot get to the bottom of the issue after reading the help page. You can do this from inside your AdWords account via the help link, or you could look for a telephone number using the worldwide support page.


I hope you get your account issue resolved, wishing you the best of luck!


Kind regards