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"gain unfair advantage" issue

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I'm newbie in this community, but do use adwords advertising since 2013.


I have one question regarding "gain unfair advantage": my competitor has 2-3-4 -100 domains...

He is using 2 (even 3) different domains (probably different accounts) for same keywords, same audience, same service, sometimes even same contact information on his sites... He is trying to monopolize advertising and to squeeze all of his competitors out. I checked whois register and confirmed that domain owner is same.

When I compare his sites, they are all very similar, providing same service.


I did report this (after an agent said there is no way my competitor will ever know I reported him), his sites were "out" for maybe one month, and now he is doing again the same thing: same keywords, same audience, same service, different domains, similar ads...

I sent screenshots of his ads, whois register and many more material. I'm completing this puzzle for months and do have a lot of information that were presented in form.


Would this be part of "gain unfair advantage"?


I'm asking because, it is getting frustrating, I try to respect all rules, so I just want to know, should I stop wasting my time...


Thank You!

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Re: "gain unfair advantage" issue

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if the websites offer no original content,
send users elsewhere, promote the same
or similar content for the same or similar
queries then, there is likely an abuse of
the ad-network.

generally, only google can inspect both sites and accounts properly
to determine if there is a violation; for example, if similar keywords
are being used, or multiple ads might be served for a query.

typically, google requires exact ad-click
(aclk) url's and a succinct summary of
the issue, for a proper investigation --

detailing the violator is usually not enough.

google is the final arbiter of all policies.


Re: "gain unfair advantage" issue

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Celebird thank you for your time and reply!

I did copy - paste of both ad url's, really sent a lot of materials, I hope they will notice what is all about.
I suppose, now I can only wait and see what will happen... Or is there anything else I can do?

Thank you!
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Re: "gain unfair advantage" issue

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first, you're welcome

that sounds like everything that could be done is being done.

that said, sometimes sending too much information is
not a good thing and detracts from the investigation --
being accurate and succinct with a format that is easy
to read, with just enough information to identify the ads
and the violation, are likely critical.