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"dangerous knives" policy isn't being enforced fairly.

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Why am I being told my site (which we made to be completely adword safe and an entirely different domain than one that has all of our products is now in violation of policy because we sell "dangerous knives" but then when I ask if I remove all knives and only have swords those are also "dangerous knives?" This would be fine by me, but yet Google continues to allow other sites to advertise for the same keywords and have real "dangerous" swords on their sites as well. I've reported these sites OVER & OVER and nothing is happening.  If you are going to enforce a policy, enforce it fairly across the board. It'd be rather simple to cut off anyone using "knife" or "sword as a keyword.


Amazon and Ebay are the two largest violators on adwords and yet they aren't being held to the same policies as everyone else. Google will say "well dangerous knives and swords isn't the majority of their business." This is true, but since they have a multi-billion dollar business, that pretty much means they sell as much as the single largest retailer who isn't them, which means, even though it isn't their majority, they are still selling more knives and swords than anyone else on the PLANET! 


Adwords violators not being held to adwords policies


Because this isn't "dangerous" but our swords are?


more unfair policy enforcement

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Re: "dangerous knives" policy isn't being enforced fairly.

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As per Google Policy Center guidelines mentioned in following link :

The Knifes and related items are not allowed to advertise on Google.

However you can aways contact Google via :

and make them informed about Amazon Ads being Live on Such Keywords. I am sure your concern will get resolved. It may be due to bulk data upload of Ads by Amazon kind of websites , the Ads got approved , once the issue will be in front of ad words specialist of Policy , I am sure the action will be taken .

Re: "dangerous knives" policy isn't being enforced fairly.

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Thank you for the links to the adwords policies. That is a fantastic resource that I certainly would not have looked at already.