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"This ad does not meet our editorial guidelines. Please correct..."

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So, I'm setting up advertisement for an outdoors company. Flashlights, survival gear, knives, water filers, medical kits.


Did you catch it? Yeah, knives. Turns out, can't advertise knives because they are weapons.


I understand where they are coming from, I even read their policy page about it.

Policy on Weapon Advertisment


I find it funny that they still allow users to search for knives... even let knives be used as an adword search term... but can't at all mention knives in the advert.


Now, we aren't selling switchblades or concealed knives... which are typicaly used for ill purpose.

We are selling hunting, survial and even pocket knives (Swiss Army Knife aka Victorinox).

So, may choices are either to try and get an exception or just not say 'knife' or 'knives'... 'blade' seems to be fine though.


Oh wait... just realized that one of my adverts did get let through with 'knives' in it... so can one and not the other? Might be because one has 'knife' as a search term, but the other has 'helle knives' (brand specific ad).

Well, I guess if people are searching for the brand, they know that it is knives, so the ad doesn't need it anyway.

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Re: "This ad does not meet our editorial guidelines. Please corre

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner
How long ago did you create the ad that is currently approved?
IF there's a chance that it could get disapproved again, do you have another ad which doesn't mention knives you know is approved and effective active in the adgroup(s)?

Sometimes the disapproval messages can be misleading - Do you know for sure if it's the ad(s) or the landing page that's causing the problem?

Did yo use the brand name in the ad text? In the US, you can use brand terms as KW's, but you cannot use them in the ad text (With certain exceptions).

Re: "This ad does not meet our editorial guidelines. Please corre

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Ohhh; Tom; ( @tomhalejr ) Long time;... Good to see you back; Smiley Happy

As for the question; This is one of the borderline cases in which a machine wisdom still cannot bite human,
Please share your website URL. If, as said no weapons, and all knives are for survival / recreation activities we will refer the case to Google to white-list you.



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"This ad does not meet our editorial guidelines. Please correct..."

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Guess what? the new interface wont enable me to copy ads from an ad group over to another ad group because it doesn't meet their editorial guidelines, even though they approved the ads i am copying over (and yes they are expanded).