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prevent competitors from clicking your ads???

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My domain name is a generic keyword domain name. 

In the sector I am advertising in there is a lot of competition.


However, one particular competitor is advertising on our domain keyword. Now this is fine as we advertise on other competitor keyword etc.


The complain we had was the context of the advert aimed against us. The advert ran as "Don't Use [Our Domain Name]"


We asked if he would change that advert and take out the "Don't use" part. We was not bothered in the slightest about the keywords.

They since come back and give us a selection of "Keywords" to put in as negatives which would alter our clicks and the way it runs which we feel is not fair as the only thing we thought was unfair was there actual advert. 


Its impossible to register our trademark. 


We got alerted by this via an actual client who looked up our reviews to find an advert saying not to use us.


We've have contacted Google to escalate this but not heard anything back. So is this kind of advertising seemed ok by Google? 









Re: prevent competitors from clicking your ads???

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You have a public perception problem having to do with those keywords which are also your brand name. I would address it in your ads, via features and benefits and other guarantees.