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Re: Why does one site need a contact address and not another?

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I just went through the old posts from yourside and found that your account has been suspended because of the website not meeting the webmaster guidelines.


Did you try fixing your site and then letting Adwords Team to re-review  it?


If you find some site already violating the policy, you can submit the feedback using this below form:


Adwords will look at it and respond accordingly.



Re: Why does one site need a contact address and not another?

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Hi justletmepost, I'm not sure why you're being told you need a physical address - as Moshe said in one of your earlier posts, this can be a requirement but is more normally applied to financial services.


However, the main reason I'm not sure is because I think there's probably at least 3 violations of various Policies here.


1)  They're both Bridge Pages.  I'm certain you know this because two of your earlier posts mention the term, although you've edited the one describing your suspension, to which Moshe replied.


2)  They use Scraped Content in the review section.  Articles from other sources with no added value.


3)  Arbitrage.  Since it's pretty clear these sites exist purely to generate revenue through clicks on the Ads on the home pages, which are very carefully placed with a big "Download" button right beneath a whole load of other "Download" links, I'd say there's a couple of ways they'd fall under the Arbitrage Policy.


Seroiusly, justletmepost, can you honestly say you have a valid reason for creating sites like this, scraping content from other sites and linking to free services that are easily found, if it were not purely for the purpose of exposing the Ads?



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