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my Image ads suddenly under review but before was approved

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Why for past couple days my image ads suddenly under review again, i didn't make any change before.


this situation happened in Adwords editor, but in Adwords reporting my image Ads still approved.


Please give me feedback as soon as possible.


thank you.

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Re: my Image ads suddenly under review but before was approved

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Hi omeoo,


Welcome to Adwords Community!


There might be different reasons as to why your ads went under review again. Normally, whenever you create or edit an ad, Google reviews the ad to make sure that it complies with Google's advertising policies and is safe and appropriate for users.



If you are getting issue of disapproved ads only in Adwords Editor. Make sure that you have taken recent basic changes of your account in Adwords Editor; it might be you have old data in your Editor.



If it still exists then delete that account in Adwords Editor and then again import it. Check are you still getting the same issue?


If you've been waiting for your ads to be reviewed for more than three business days, please contact Google Support Team.


Hope I could help!




Re: my Image ads suddenly under review but before was approved

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Thanks for your information Brijesh..


Maybe i will wait for several days, to make sure before i have to take any actions about my image Ads.


after all, i still use old adwords editor and didn't updated it.


when log in to Adwords editor, the system showing warning box that i should to update adwords editor in a new version, 


but i prefer to not update it yet, because when i update it then i have to import my account and that's obviously takes time.


did you think this action make my account expired or something? and then makes my image ads turn to under review again?


I really thank you for your advise. It's so helpful.






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Re: my Image ads suddenly under review but before was approved

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Hi omeoo,


As Brijesh says, there are several reasons why an approved ad can get sent back for another review.  Here are a couple of the most common:

  1. The ad is in a campaign whose targeting recently changes.  Some policies are country-specific, so if we think the ad may violate policies in a country that was added to the targeting, we might send it back for another review.  This mostly applies to trademarks in text ads, however.
  2. We periodically re-crawl ads' landing pages.  If we got a 404 or other error during a re-crawl, we would send the ad for another review, because we don't want users to be taken to broken sites when they click on ads.  I think we try crawling the site a couple of times before we do this, but I'm not sure.

There are other reasons too, but those are the most common.


If the ads haven't been reviewed soon (by Monday, say) feel free to contact AdWords support and ask them for an expedited review.



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