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keywords error "trademark"

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All of my keywords have trademark issue . I deleted many but all of them, it is an opensource software, why trade mark on these keywords and even on phrase like "audio editing software". Why is it? and what can be done?
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Re: keywords error "trademark"

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Hi Mark A,


Welcome to AdWords Community.


If a term that you use in your ad copies is trademarked, your ads would be disapproved because of trademark policy violation. If the trademark owner has got it registered with Google's database as well by submitting required proofs and documents, no advertisers (except for the resellers/partners and the ones authorized by the trademark owner) would be allowed to use it in the ads with AdWords.


However, such trademarked terms can still be used in Display URLs and as keywords. 


It applies to OpenSource software as well. For instance, WordPress is an OpenSource software but advertisers are not allowed to use in the ads because of trademark policy violations. 


However, in certain cases, the acceptability of such terms may vary based on countries as well. If a term is disallowed in one country, may be available for use in another. It depends where that trademark has been registered. 


More information on Google's Trademark Policy can be found here


Ratan Jha

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Re: keywords error "trademark"

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Ratan Jha:
Your response is too simplistic. You assume the word being marked as a supposed "trademark" actually is a registered trademark and that google has made no mistake. I just got an add disapproved for using the word "statements", the phrase was : sworn statements. It seems google uses some type of parameters that are WRONG. My last name is "Vega" and I have been using my name for years as my company name in google ads. yesterday I had ads approved using my last name "Vega" and today I had 10 ads disapproved because "Vega" is considered a trademark. So, can you see why it is easy to blame this on a Google ERROR and NOT on the user. Why do we always think the user is wrong?

Re: keywords error "trademark"

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Google will automatically (and this is important) disapprove keywords if they are trademarked.

However, this is a kind of blanket protection - a kind of act now, ask questions later approach. And that makes sense.

I have one of my clients ads suspended because of the TM Butterfly. We were not targeting the business of the company who has the TM.

Imagine too, that you sell preserves. One of which were Apple. your ads would be disapproved too. Because Apple is a TM - a pretty big one.

But Google are quite happy to manually review the disapproved keywords. Call your local office and they should be able to help you.