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is that allowed?

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Can I send traffic with adwords to my blog pages where I would have links promoting some clickbank, commission junction offer or amazon product?


These pages  would offer unique and relevant content and valuable tips for visitors and then would add a link as:


If you want to learn more on how to stop hair loss Click Here

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Re: is that allowed?

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Hi Again,


Please refer to your previous thread and do a little research into the AdWords Policy center.  At this point, it appears to me that your are only looking to do business at the edge of legitimacy so I would strongly urge you to do your homework first. Also, please keep in mind that 'Unique and relevant content' is a gray area and what you believe may not be what Google believes, especially if your page is linking off to other sites in this manner.


AdWords Advertising Policies


More specifically Bridge Pages



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Re: is that allowed?

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What Tom said is 100% accurate.


As he said, it seems that you're exploring one shady AdWords "business model" after another until you find one that doens't quite violate the policies.  This is not going to work, especially when your "businesses" are really just affiliate links.

  • Google will catch you and shut down your site and account
  • Almost nobody ever makes money on affiliate / bridge page sites anyway.  You would end up paying more for the ads driving traffic to your site than you would receive in commisisons for driving traffic to the other site.  If these ads were actually cost-effective, the affiliate companies would run the ads themselves.  Instead, they try to trick people like you into spending your money on it instead.

Unless you have your own existing business that is selling a product that people want, AdWords is probably not for you.  "Businesses" created to do AdWords / AdSense or AdWords / Affiliate arbitrage are a good way to waste your time and money, and to get yourself permanently suspended from AdWords, but that's about it.



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Re: is that allowed?

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Well in my opinion im not exploring one shady AdWords "business model" after another...

I'm just asking if is possible to run adwords campaigns for my clients on a comission basis where I

would be paid for the sales I generate for the client...I dont think theres anything wrong with that business



By the way im not asking if it would be profitalbe..I would see myself if it would be profitable...I would just

have to test it myself...I'm just asking if this is allowed...

Re: is that allowed?

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> Well in my opinion im not exploring one shady AdWords "business model" after another...


You mentioned clickbank and/or commission junction in the same paragraph as hair loss remedies, so I have to disagree with you there.


> I'm just asking if is possible to run adwords campaigns for my clients on a comission

> basis where I would be paid for the sales I generate for the client


If you mean an affiliate program, then that is very hard to do on AdWords.  Affiliate ads and sites are almost always extremely low quality and make our users very unhappy.  While affiliates in general aren't banned, most of the things that affiliate advertisers tend to do are prohibited because they are bad for our users.


You should read and make sure you understand the policy pages, as Tom suggested, before you try to do any of this kind of advertising.  Otherwise you'll just get your site suspended and eventually get your account (and all future accounts you try to create) suspended too.



Re: is that allowed?

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Hi laura thanks for your answers but I just dont really understand a few things....
In my opinion there are many high quality courses on clickbank and products and services on clickbank and commission junction...that are by no means shady....not sure whats wrong with clickbank or commission junction? there might be some clickbank products that are low quality...but I think is really unfair to make generalizations here...just my opinion....

also there are many adwords ads that offer hair loss not sure whats wrong with
hair loss remedies / solutions?

Basically I would just act as an affiliate in the sense of offering my services for a commission...
not sure why that should make users unhappy...but no worries...I ll read the policy pages again...

btw sorry for my english im not native speaker...