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is Approved (limited) site link shown less? How do i change status?

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i have 3 site links for 1 adgroup. 2 out of the 3 are Approved (limited) status.
All 3 site links include other businesses names ( for purposes of reviewing them- not seeling competitive products)

The Approved site link is having about 1300 impression over a week, vs the Approved (limited) site links have 40-70 impressions over a week.

My questions are
1) why is there such a difference in the impressions? is it because the Approved (limited) status?
2) How do i remove such status? i looked at the policy and I can't see a reason for such limitation.

Thank you.

Re: is Approved (limited) site link shown less? How do i change status?

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Here are the answers to your questions:


1. Yes, you got it right. The large difference is because of Approved(Limited) status of those two sitelinks.


2. Approved(Limited) status is given when your ads follow Adwords policies but they are restricted to appear only under some conditions.


To find out the exact cause for this status, you need to select the "Policy details" column in campaigns.


Usually trade mark violations, inability of the site to open in some mobile browsers and use of some sensitive words are reasons for Approved (limited) status.


As mentioned in the question, you are using business names in all of the sitelinks, so it may happen that two of those business names are trade-marked in the some of the regions where you are running your campaigns. Hence they are given limited status by Google.


Here is the link for more details


Hope it helps !!