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iPad word copyright infringement

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Hello all


My small company has recently started repairing iPads tablets so I started a new Adwords advert with the words "iPad repair" in the 1st line of the ad. The advert wasn't approved which is fair enough but many other companys in the UK have the same words in their Adwords adverts. Why is this ? Would I get away with changing the word from "iPad" to "i-Pad" ?

Would appreciate some help with this.


Many thanks



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September 2015

Re: iPad word copyright infringement

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Hello, Mark.


The details in this policy (UK section) explain this situation:


Basically you are allowed to use the terms if you sell items related to the trademark, or parts. But not if you're selling a service (repairing them).


Yes, people try to game the system by using bits of text such as AppleiPad (no space) or other "clever" combinations. And after a while they also come around and ask us questions, usually in the "my account got suspended" section Smiley Happy. I wouldn't want you to be one of those, and therefore advise you to stay away from these practices. You may also report your competitors if you want, for breaking that policy, and try to even the field a bit.

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