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i want to test various domain names using adwords before I commit

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I've read that people use this technique in order to choose the right domain name (and other things). They change one variable at a time (including domain name I read) and see if it affects sales. But how can I do this without breaking the rules? I feel like I might've misunderstood what I read.


Because showing one domain in the ad but re-directing to another domain is against the rules.


Would it be against the rules if I did the following? I'd make 10 different one or two page basic websites offering my service for sale. Then I would make one ad campaign for only one of those sites and see how people liked that domain. Then I would stop that campaign and make another campaign that's exactly similar except it directs people to a web page that's identical except for the domain name. This way I could see if altering the domain name results in increased sales.


So I would not be simultaneously running ad campaigns for the same business.


If that is against the rules do you know of any other way I can test different domain names?


Thank you...

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Re: i want to test various domain names using adwords before I commit

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Hi Wicksteed1, in my personal (and professional) opinion, people worry too much about their domain names. Yes, a relevant domain name can help and already good Ad, but it's not high on my list of things to get right and I don't believe very small changes in domain make any difference at all.


For example, if you sold running shoes I can happily say I'd expect the domain to give you a better CTR than, but I can't tell you it'll be a huge difference and what really matters is the structure of your AdWords Account, the Keywords you choose, the rest of the Ad Copy and the pages of your site.  The most relevant and appropriate domain name in the world doesn't mean squat if the rest of your advertising and your actual website are no good.


Ask yourself the question of when you personally were last influenced in a buying process by the domain name of a website.  Then consider all the huge brands that are massive successes and have names that are either totally unconnected with their business or are completely meaningless - Amazon, eBay, Apple oh and there's Google...


Picking a domain name that's too relevant can also be a problem long term.  OK, you might only sell running shoes now but what happens if you change your business over time?  Look at Amazon again - when they started it was mostly books, now they're virtually an online department store but they haven't had to change their name.  Changing your name may seem like a simple process but each time you do it you destroy some small percentage of any following you've built to date.


So, my advice would be to pick a domain name that's you - maybe even your name, there's plenty of big companies out there named after their founders - or which is simply short, memorable and easy to spell, and spend the majority of your energies on the things that matter like advertising properly and profitably and building a website that's fast, easy to navigate, works on all platforms and is easy to use.



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