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4.6K members online now
Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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hi its being three days that it display my account is suspend

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I AM running a technical support company and one of your repersentive helped me to make goggle account and now its being three days that i am getting the error that  my account is suspend

Re: hi its being three days that it display my account is suspend

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Hello ,


What exactly is your question ?



Re: hi its being three days that it display my account is suspend

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i had my account frozen too

This is my opinion

Google does not want to spend the money so they use approved companies that sell adds ,services and such

you say you are getting help

most likely they are not an approved google company

the only problem with this is they do not want to help unless you are using their services

If this is important than use one for web site etc.

If you have been using one than they have access

For me part of my problem was ids

After months of no reinstatement i called ids and they are out of business,still billing though

Go daddy has taken over their business and called

They may be a good company but they would not give any help it that I just wanted calls from people who put in their address or city they live

Google knows that companies like me want this and appears that they are looking into this rather than ipo address

You just have to face the facts

You need an approved Goggle advertiser to help

I am trying bonfire

i believe they have a special not published for $99 a month that includes web site and covering most sites ,besides google and goggle

 You also may want to pay to have your web sit address locked in with a yearly charge and do it yourself and not use your payed firm as they may hold the rights