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have a lifeline for my personal account please advise

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Hi Community,


i have been given a lifeline to fix my personal account which is linked to my qualification profile.

I have been given in detail thankfully what I need to do While I don't use this account I had ads at one stage now deleted that were in there for two crappy websites I never intended to advertise in the first place as my credit card was never entered but due to policy was reviewed anyway I wasn't clued up on Google policies back then which in all honesty I'm embarrassed about.

there are two websites one has been pinged under the user safety policy and the other under bridge page policy.

I can rectify both of these websites as I still thankfully have FTP access etc.

my question is can I just rip/delete these websites down completely and make basic information sites with no links etc to make the policy team happy I don't intend to advertise these sites at all but obviously I have to make them compliant To get my account and personal standing back in check.

Again these were old experiments of mine I never took them seriously but they got my account ibonito hot water.

As I don't care about these sites they were just abandonesawmill it be ok to turn these into basic sites that are compliant or will they expect me to stick with the original "theme" and make them compliant otherwise known as the long route I am going to forget about them once they are compliant and my account is is "clean" I know it sounds weird but I actually hate these kinds of sites nowadays So go easy I'm not proud of these sites at all.

While my client account was suspended I can at least walk away with my personal account in tact.

Any suggestions on the most efficient way would be appreciated If that is at all possible otherwise for the sake of sorting this out I will go the long route if need be.

So should I tear them down and rebuild basic sites or work with them as is? (Really impressed with the response from this guy)


Kind Regards





Per our User Safety policy, Google AdWords doesn't allow:

- The use of unsubstantiated numbers, statistics, expected ROIs, increases in income or other unsubstantiated claims about financial gains

- The mention of guaranteed returns, risk-free processes or immediate results

- The sale of an item or technique that claims to dramatically increase income

- Claims of an association with Google or Google-related products

- The promotion of websites that promise an exaggerated payout for low risk and/or minimal effort

The types of testimonials that require an additional disclaimer or third-party verification in order to comply with this policy include but are not limited to:

- Testimonials that insinuate or promote the benefits of the product or service as life-changing

- Testimonials that promote "ease-of-use", "speed" or general facility with which anyone can accomplish the same results

Any third-party verification of claims needs to be clearly identifiable. It must be supported by clickable links that lead to a homepage that provides more information on the value addition, legitimacy, independence of the verifier and contact information, including email and/or phone and physical address.

In order to comply with this policy, you can:

- Review your website and remove all content that promises an exaggerated payout for low risk and/or minimal effort.

- Modify your website so that it more realistically and accurately conveys the benefits of your product.

When making changes, make sure that you're transparent to users about any risks involved in using your product. Also add prominent disclaimers specifying the typical results that most users would see.

Once you've made the necessary changes, please write back to us and we'll be happy to check your website again. 

To review our User Safety policy, please see:
Our Policy specialists have reviewed your site and confirmed that it's been disabled for not following our Bridge Page policy.

Let me tell you more about our Bridge Page policy and how you can get your site compliant:


Google AdWords doesn't allow ads that promote bridge pages. A bridge page, also known as a doorway page, is a web page created for the main purpose of sending visitors to a different site. Bridge pages offer little or no unique content and are considered low value to users. Affiliates that display the same characteristics may also be considered bridge pages. To review our Bridge Page policy, please see:

We developed this policy in order to offer a high-quality user experience, provide dynamic and differentiated ad results, and to be more transparent about the businesses being advertised. We've found that pages with multiple ads leading to the same site provide less relevant results and a lower quality experience for our users. Over time, multiple ads leading to the same source also reduce advertiser performance and lower their return on investment.


To comply with our policies, please see the options below.

Option 1: Refine your web page so that it contains a substantial amount of original content. This content should be related to your ad text and should stand independently of the links on your page that redirect users to other sites. This includes any affiliate links on your site. In addition, the site should have an overall unique look and feel.

Examples of original content include, but aren't limited to: 

- Tips and information for consumers considering the product or service
- Competitor pricing and feature comparisons
- Unique and informative reviews, ratings and customer feedback
- Links to relevant articles

This content shouldn't be derived directly from other sites or a parent site.

Option 2: Redesign your web page to offer multiple, competing offers from different companies for related services.

Option 3: Link directly to the end site, using the appropriate Display URL.

We encourage you to make improvements to your site. Once you've updated your site per our guidelines, please reply to this email. For tips on how to improve your landing page and site quality, please see: 

We appreciate your efforts to comply with our policies.
The Google AdWords Team.
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Re: have a lifeline for my personal account please advise

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Hi Dion,


The Google rep has really provided you with plenty of information to work with.  I think what you're going to need to do is develop these sites into useable websites that abide by AdWords policies before you can proceed.  These domains are now associated with your account and until the sites are verified and approved, you're going to remain in the same boat.


At a quick glance, it would appear that you have very little to work with here as the site is just full of violations: - I still don't understand what the product is...if it's a true 'work from home' product, I don't see how you're going to be able to pull this off.  I'm not sure what else to suggest.  You need a site that makes sense, has quality content and an actual purpose.  This business model you have just doesn't fly in AdWords. 


Not sure what the second site was but I can only imagine that it is similar to this one.


One side note, Google suspends folks just like you who "didn't know better" and "made mistakes" etc...many of them never fully get un-suspended, you definitely have your work cut out for you.


Good Luck!





Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: have a lifeline for my personal account please advise

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Hi Tom,


thanks for your reply i'm well aware of the violations, back when these sites were built I was not using adwords or doing ppc for other people nowadays I am and my approach to things are differe t like I said I think they are crap sites too and I do know better these days.

now my question is can I just basically log in to both cpanels and delete everything and just start new sites on these domains and then re-submit more basic yet compliant sites or do I have to leave them as is And systematically fix the violations?

keep in mind i want nothing to do these once they are compliant.


kind regards


dion viles

Re: have a lifeline for my personal account please advise

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Hi Dion,


I can't answer that honestly as I have never come across this situation personally.  The one thing I would suggest is you have to have a viable, legitimate concept and site for it to be accepted in the AdWords program.  I guess you cannot possibly hurt yourself by trying this and seeing as the sites as they exist will never work, I think that plan is the best one.  Scrap what is there and work on something new.


Keep us posted, information in situations like this can be quite valuable to other advertisers as well.





Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: have a lifeline for my personal account please advise

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Hi Guys


I have torn down both websites and rebuilt them can anyone point out any reasons or things I might need to do before i resubmit keeping in mind these sites are simply for lifting the auspension i have no intention of marketing them.


Kind Regards 


Re: have a lifeline for my personal account please advise

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Google Employee



I only had time to glance at the first site.  One suggestion: make it very clear that the email marketing tools it describes are not for sending email spam but rather for maintaining contact with existing customers and others who have opted in.  I don't know offhand whether we have a policy on this, but it might come under user safety or some such.



AdWords engineer

Re: have a lifeline for my personal account please advise

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Great advice thanks Laura I will get that sorted immediately if there is anything else you or anyone feel isn't acceptable please let me know.

Kind Regards

Dion Viles

Re: have a lifeline for my personal account please advise

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Hi Guys,


So my after review and the rebuild both sites have been given the Green Light and both have been verified to be compliant by the Policy team via email so I thought sweet I have fixed everything Adwords wanted and decided to log in to to confirm and it still says your account has been suspended for violation of advertising policies in this or a related account.

I rang adwords support and explained everything and had a guaruntee from the guy I spoke to that my account will be  unsuspended in 24 hours I'm concerned though as I have heard this a few times before with my other client and just wondered if anyone had any thoughts I mean my other client was suspeneded who happened to be in the same MCC and I believe this is where it stemmed from.

Am I going to to get punished for association this is a another reason I can't trust the MCC even though I want to use one for my Certified Partner Status.

Any thoughts guys ?