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flashbanner not recognised by adwords editor

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Hi, I have an issue with adwords editor: It doen'st recognise my flashbanner as an image.


Starting point

I used a banner from an previous project as a template, which worked fine and was uploaded with editor.

The only thing I changed was the animation and the content.


Some meta:
flashplayer settings: 9
AS: 3
filesize: 96


Weird thing is:

Manually uploading via adwords is no problem.
So the banner meets the requirements.



Seems like a bug perhaps in editor then?

I can provide the banner.





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September 2015

Re: flashbanner not recognised by adwords editor

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Google Employee
Yes, please do provide the banner.

Are you getting an error when you try to add the image in Editor (that is, when you click Choose Image link and select the file), or when you Post Changes? If the latter, then you can collect more information as described here:

Enable logging, then try to post. Once you see the error, there should now be a log file. Open it in any text editor, look for "_ApiException", and then a few lines below that there should be "message: <Some long error message>". That usually gives a more detailed information about what went wrong. If you don't mind, please post it here.