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competitor brand terms

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We've had quite good conversion rates bidding on competitor brand terms, but obviously our QS for these terms is very low. 

I've seen an ad by either Hootsuite or Bufferapp with an ad copy along the lines of "Hootsuite vs Bufferapp" and then a landing page which provided a feature comparison. 

Is this strategy allowed under Adwords guidelines? 

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Re: competitor brand terms

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Hi Mitchell,
Yes, it is allowed.

As long as you're staying within the AdWords policies, you'll be fine.
I would encourage you to spend some time reading them all carefully. There's a huge benefit to be gained from this and there's a few nuggets of information that's valuable buried deep in there Smiley Happy
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Re: competitor brand terms

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You are Possibly Talking of Hoot suite Ad which Pops up when you search for Buffer app . The Ads will remain approved till the time BufferApp places an objection to these kind of Ads . 

Till the time Ads are providing Genuine comparison of Products / Services they remain in approved mode.


False or NOT genuine comparison or defaming of some brand / product is not acceptable by google guidelines.


Please read following Ad Guidelines for more details :


Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 12.24.46 PM.png