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can i stop a competitor from using our company name in adwords?

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We are a jewellery store in the city of Calgary called "Calgary Jewellery". I'm wondering if there is anything we can do to stop other jewellery stores from posting their ads as the title - Calgary Jewellery. For instance People's Jeweller's currently has an ad that reads:

Calgary Jewellery‎
Find Jewellery and More at Peoples.
Holiday Gifts to Let Love Shine.
This is obviously confusing to our customers. Is there any way to report this?

Re: can i stop a competitor from using our company name in adwords?

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It is going to be difficult because part of your company name is also a keyword that people search. For example "jewellery calgary" or "calgary jewellery".

Another users found a way to combat this by restructuring your campaigns and hitting your branded terms really hard so Google serves your ad more often. Below is the approach and link to the thread:

My approach was to create ads with the company name in them myself. And adWords was smart enough to see that if the company name is:

- the keyword, with all match types
- part of the ads text
- on the landing page
- in the domain name

You're probably more relevant.I don't know what the others are paying per click (I see all of them in Auction insights), but I know we're getting the bulk of clicks.

So my advice is for you to do the same. Create a separate campaign, get all the keywords related to your company name, and write some ads which contain those keywords. Then wait a few days and see how you're doing. If necessary, raise your bid slightly.

And by all means, use ad extensions (at least sitelinks), and write ads that clearly say that you're that company. Then wait and see how long the others still bid on your company name.