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can i stop a competitor from using our company name in adwords?

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Our competitor has used our company name as a keyword so that when google searches for our company name, they appear in the ad at the top of the page - can we stop this? we are based in Northern Ireland, many thanks




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Re: can i stop a competitor from using our company name in adwords?

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Hi Kathy H and welcome to the Community.  Google's Policies permit even trademarked terms to be used as Keywords in NI, so there's nothing you can do via AdWords.  Have you tried talking to the company concerned?  Although it may be unpleasant, the obvious recourse from your point of view is to put their company name in your Keywords and that helps no one.  Perhaps if you discussed the issue you could agree that neither of you will take this approach.


Another way to look at it is that it's a poor tactic anyway.  If someone is searching specifically on your company name, they're probably looking for you.  As long as a link to your site appears somewhere high on those search results - either organically or one of your own Ads - I doubt your competitor gets very good results from their use of your name.  I'd possibly be inclined to let them continue wasting their money Smiley Wink



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Re: can i stop a competitor from using our company name in adwords?

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Hi Jon


Thanks for this. It is a poor tactic - I agree. If there's nothing we can do then we'll have to simply work around them!


thanks for your help, Kathy

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Re: can i stop a competitor from using our company name in adwords?

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I'm facing the same situation in several accounts. My approach was to create ads with the company name in them myself. And adWords was smart enough to see that if the company name is:


- the keyword, with all match types

- part of the ads text

- on the landing page

- in the domain name


we're probably more relevant. And looking at one case, last month, we appeared as the 1st result in search 99.64% of the time. Spent about 85 EUR, made about 11.5k in sales, so I'd say we're fine Smiley Happy. I don't know what the others are paying per click (I see all of them in Auction insights), but I know we're getting the bulk of clicks.


So my advice, Kathy, is for you to do the same. Create a separate campaign, get all the keywords related to your company name, and write some ads which contain those keywords. Then wait a few days and see how you're doing. If necessary, raise your bid slightly.


And by all means, use ad extensions (at least sitelinks), and write ads that clearly say that you're that company. Then wait and see how long the others still bid on your company name.

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