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average CPC in google adwords

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hello,   I set Max bid for my campaign in google adwords, But  i dont know  how to set average CPC.  On the dash board i click on the average CPC,  but its not  working or showing anything .  If someone could help me here,  i will be pleased.

Re: average CPC in google adwords

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You cannot set average cpc. Average CPC is a part of Google Adwords Reports. You can set bids from Max CPC's. Everytime an ad appears for your keywords, the CPC is different. It would normally not be higher than your Max CPC. Average CPC is the average of CPC's charged to the number of times your ads have appeared.


Example is -

Suppose your max cpc is $2.

Your ads have appeared 3 times until now. Thus the CPC would be then

1st time - $1.25

2nd time - $1.54

3rd time - $1.76


Thus the average cpc of this ad is ($1.25+$1.54+$1.76)/3 = $1.51


Hope this example has helped you understand it.




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Hope these links will help you understand bidding and its related terms more clearly. Will suggest you to read all suggested articles with the links provided. It will bring more clarity. Any help do shout on the community. Smiley Happy