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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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adwords suspension

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My ads/keywords were disapproved in Feb - the support team advised me to add disclaimers to my site which I did and upon resubmitting the site it was given the ok.  Two weeks later the same approved site was once more disapproved.  Again the support team told me what to change and again I did exactly what they said, only to be disapproved again.


Whilst Google seems to feel that its policies are clear and concise, many people, like myself are finding them vague, and so am going round in circles almost having to guess what needs changing.  THere also seems to be a difference in what's acceptable in different websites - I have found several competitor sites which either have no disclaimers or have the same disclaimer on each page - these are both things that I was told are not allowed.  How can such seeming randomness exist?

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Re: adwords suspension

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This answer is purely from my experience, and is speculative...

There will be words on your site that raises flags for Google. They might be something you need on your site "we sell WarCraft Gold", or it might be something you could do without "lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks".

You should have a fair idea of where the problem lies - either the type of product or a claim you are ,making. If that doesn't change, your site will keep getting flagged.

Once your site is flagged, everything else comes down to human opinion and interpretation, and these can vary. Just now I was told that a client's disclaimer needed to be longer. I asked how much longer? and the Googler said "just longer".

On the bright side, after a maximum of 3 or 4 suspensions you should have enough info from Google to fix it for good.

Re: adwords suspension

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Hi and thanks

I had taken out ( at the suggestion of the support team) all words that I thought could be misinterpreted as well as a no guarantee disclaimer on every page !

What I can't understand is how in UK someone offering the same therapy as me has the same disclaimer on every page - I was told this was not allowed.

I can't help feeling that there is a huge disparity in the review team's interpretation depending possibly on where in the world they are based. This would seem to be potentially both punitive and discriminatory.

As you say little by little I'm learning about their interpretation but is this costly guesswork really acceptable ?

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Re: adwords suspension

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Google support team randomly check the health and setting of your account. It doesn't matter if your account/ad is suspended but not of your competitors. This is very common issue with many advertisers. You can't get answer from Google if your business is clean and transparent but not your competitors. Then why your ads disapproved?
Better way to call support team and do exactly what they suggest.

This is the only solution.

Hope it will helpful.


Re: adwords suspension

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Hi Yvonne Morgan,

Initially, there goes automatic review for your adwords account and website you are promoting.
But once it fails or there is any policy violation, your account will get suspended. Then everything will be reviewed manually and thoroughly. And if the review goes manually then the review team will never allow anything related or suspected with policy violation.
I have ran Google advertisements for several business without privacy policy/ disclaimer.
Disclaimer on every webpage of website need not to be different, you may use it as a footer link. Even if it is present only on the landing page but no other page then also there seems to be no issue. Any such content on the website may lead to the necessity of disclaimer.
so simply one thing to say, "if it get under manual review then you will need everything.

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Re: adwords suspension

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THanks - yes it's very frustrating !

Re: adwords suspension

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thanks - I'm still waiting to hear from them at Google !