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adwords Account disabled

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They disabled my account, and they won't tell me why.

This is part of the email that they sent me.


Thank you for your email. I have reviewed your account and checked the websites listed in your account. The websites are disabled as they are not compliant per Google policies and because of which the account is suspended.

Please check the sites again and make the changes, unless all the sites are enabled, the account cannot be removed from suspension. 

These are the sites disabled and the reasons:  Reason: Get Rich Quick

You can review our landing page and site policies here:

You can learn more about account suspension here:

Once the changes are done, please send us an email so that our specialist will look into it and enable the site, if all the sites are enabled, the account will be removed from suspension.


Google considers inappropriate or unacceptable behavior by advertisers to be a serious offense, and we reserve the right to to suspend AdWords accounts at any time in order to protect the quality and safety of our users' experiences. The decision to suspend your AdWords account was not taken lightly.

I hope you understand and appreciate your cooperation in this matter.



It's not a get rich quick scheme, you will not get rich using any of them. And I have a disclaiming on the front page.


Do these people understand any english.
I'm asking them to tell me in plain english, what policy did I violate.

They won't tell me, they just keep on telling me to read the policies.
And I keep telling them I read it, and I don't understand what I did wrong, and they don't even tell me.

How can I fix it, if they won't tell me what I did wrong. And I don't understand what I did wrong.

I read the policies over and over again, and I still don't understand what I did wrong.

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Re: adwords Account disabled

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Hello johnm;

Even if we leave aside whether the site falls under "get rich quick", it stills violates the bridging section of the Policy:


>> A bridge page, also known as a doorway page, is a web page created for the main purpose of sending visitors to a different site.


So, one way or another the Policy was violated.

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Re: adwords Account disabled

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First off, it's a a get rich quick. No where do I say you can get rich quick, or even get rich at all.


Second, only the home oage have links to other sites. Every other page has orgibal uniqur content.


Third, why couldn't they tell me about the bridge page a week ago when I first asked them, instead of me reading the policy over and over again, and still didn't understand what policy I voilated.


So, how can I fix it then.

Re: adwords Account disabled

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hi John, 

i have same problem here. and i agree with you, do you have a solution now for this issue?

Re: adwords Account disabled

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What do you mean it's not a get rich quick?  The site is called "Moneycrashers".  The text "Need free money?" features prominently.  "Become a money magnet and earn big."  Come on!  Just because you don't have the actual words "get rich quick" on the page doesn't mean that's not what it is.  We are not stupid.  Here's the policy.


Second, Moshe is quite right that is a bridge page.  It exists for the sole purpose of geting people to click on your links to other sites.  (Presumably those are affiliate programs that will pay you for those clicks.)  It adds no useful information of its own.


Third, some of your links say things like "Complete offers, take surveys, try products, click ads, and more, to earn free cash!" [my emphasis].  The "click ads" part is a spam technique, which we absolutely prohibit on AdWords.  It doesn't matter if people are being paid to click on AdWords ads, or Yahoo ads, or anyone else's, or even just to view web pages.  We do not allow ads for that type of program because it biases ad and web page rankings and rips off the advertisers whose ads would be clicked.


> So, how can I fix it then.


You can't.  This type of site is just not going to work with AdWords.  You will have to advertise it elsewhere or try to get it to appear in the organic search results.


If you were only violating the bridge page policy, you might be able to fix the site by adding lots of useful, original content and reducing the number of outbound links.  But your other violations are pretty egregious, and there's no way you'll be able to get that site compliant without totally changing the nature of what you are trying to do.



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Re: adwords Account disabled

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Nowhere does it says you can get rich. None of the site listed, you can get rich. You can make a couple hundred dollars a month, but you won't get rich, and I never say you can.


And I don't make anything off of any clicks, I make money when they make money.


And who can understand the policies, write it in english. Where it can easily be understood.