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ads being approved (limited) showing in canada but not usa

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Hello everyone, I am having a big issue with some of my ads and Google is really not helping me.


Some of my ads are using trademark example Porsche 911. The status of those ads are approved (limited). I am from Canada so they are showing in Canada but not in USA. I am selling car accessories that will fit Porsche 911 so it’s NOT something made by Porsche and its not written Porsche on it. I contacted AdWords and they said I need an authorisation from Porsche for them to allow me to use this trademark. I contacted Porsche and Porsche said they never give any authorisation to anyone and they don’t know what I am talking about. How is it possible if all my competitor on AdWords is using the trademark Porsche 911 on their ads? 


I spoke to another department and they told me about the landing page, I did change my landing page to the page of my product and it is still not showing cause of trademark in the United States.


I have another ads where its written Porsche Only and this one is showing.


At this point, I don’t know what to do. I tried everything possible and I can’t find how to make them show.


All my competitor ads are showing even if it’s written Porsche 911 on the headline ads and display url.


I need someone help.


Thank you



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Re: ads being approved (limited) showing in canada but not usa

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Read this page about exceptions of using tradenames in Canada;. The ad should comply with Google's policy on resellers and informational sites.
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Re: ads being approved (limited) showing in canada but not usa

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Hi Samy,


Welcome to AdWords Community.


Accordingly to what you have referred here, it has a lot to do with your landing page. Certain sites can be allowed to use trademark words in the ad texts if the trademark owner has not filled any complaint in the given geographic location. 


Please go through the policy and guidelines Moshe has guided you to. Read reseller and informational site policy thoroughly and optimize your landing page accordingly. Create a new ad for this newly created/optimized landing page to see if it works. If it does not, contact phone support and ask for review. Their decision would be final. 


Ratan Jha

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Re: ads being approved (limited) showing in canada but not usa

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Hello Samy,

Each company has to register their brand or series as a trademark for every country. So there's an explanation why ads with the same brand/series name can be showned in one country and not in another.

Probably only Porsche 911 is trademarked, but not Porsche itself, that's why you can show it in your Ads.

Definitely read through Adwords trademark Policy:

Maybe there will be something more you can do.
If there's trademarked both series and brand name then you have to use general ads for this specific case.