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account suspension - can I speak with someone?

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My account is suspended. After the suspension mail by Google, I have sent this mail as a replay:


“Dear Google AdWords Team,
As I said before, I’m a beginner in Google advertising. I really don’t know the reason why my account is suspended. The facts:
My billing information is correct. My credit card is valid. My campaign was eligible and my ad was approved. I didn’t even have enough time to run the campaign and get clicks (my Current Balance is USD $0.33). That’s why I don’t understand why my account does not comply with Terms and Conditions and I think that must be some misunderstanding.
Please un-suspend my account or tell me what can I do to correct this situation.
I know that you have so many accounts and I will appreciate any additional effort you make to give me non-automatic replay and answer my questions. If you consider an appropriate to answer me by mail, send me contact information (name and phone number) so I can make a call.
Sincerely yours,


Today I’ve got again the same automatic replay that my account doesn’t comply with Terms and Conditions. I tried to call help center - local phone number, but machine read me the same text from mail.

Does anybody know some person’s name and phone number (person from Google Adwords help), or how I can chat online with someone from Google Adwords? If you know, please tell me. Any kind of information please?!

Thank you!!!

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Re: account suspension - can I speak with someone?

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Hey Chdmr68,


You can call the Google AdWords team:


Good Luck,



Re: account suspension - can I speak with someone?

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Hi Chdmr68,


I'm sorry that you haven't had success via email or telephone with Adwords support.  Can you possibly fill us in with some more information about your account and/or website?


Have you reviewed the advertising policies to see if you could find anything that could possibly be related to your account?


Hope this helps!



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Re: account suspension - can I speak with someone?

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On my campaign page writes:
Your Google AdWords account has been suspended because your billing information in this or a related account could not be verified.
In my replay mail to Google I wrote that my billing information is valid.
The next step is their mail about suspension and Terms and Condition… I looked up Terms and Condition (the link was in their mail), but I didn’t find anything. That’s why I have sent another mail to Google (you can see it in my first post), and their answer was completely same as the first time. When I phoned them, there were 2 options: 1 - you have to know the name of person you are looking for, and 2 - when need to enter user ID. On user ID, the machine read same text from mail. That’s why I thought that name and number someone from Google might help.
I think my website is OK. There is no 404 error pages or anything wrong.
If I made a mistake, I am ready to correct it. But if Google says: “Please refrain from creating any new accounts, as they will be subject to the same suspension.” I think I deserve to know the reason why.

Anyway, thanks for trying to help.