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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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account suspended

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Dear Sir / Ma'am


I am Mahadee Hassan and writing you on the behalf of my company IADVENTURE ESCAPE TRAVEL (M) SD. BHD. we are an agent for applying Singapore Visa electronically.

We are using your service from last 4-5 months and face few big problem and also our account were suspended. Today after talking to the google adword representative, i came to know that we had some mistakes and problem which made all this problem.

Our first adword account ID: 769-010-1922 ( which we used quite long time and 3/4 months before its get suspended due to ad policy. The problem was that time, our website was not with SSL (HTTPS) certificates as we take online payments. That time we had two domain, and . When we get notice for ad policy  for 1st domain, before editing the site got second notice from adwords for account suspension due to 2nd domain was also not with SSL.

Then we have edited our full website with SSL and then call to google adword representative "Rhytzyl Bhing M. Arlos" We told her the full story and she advises us to make new account and said will help us to get online ads again. So my friend from Singapore open new account, ID: 493-063-2957 ( and without any problem our ads were running until 07/01/2013. Evening of 7th January we got an email saying "Sale of free items and official services". We have edited our website again and made it exactly the way google asked for. Next day on 8th January 2013 we got an email from google saying that "Great news! We've re-reviewed your site and determined that the following site complies with our Advertising Policies" , which was good news for us but right after few minutes we received one more mail " We periodically review accounts for security purposes and to verify billing information. As a result of this review, your account and any related accounts have been suspended, and your ads are no longer running on Google. If you believe your account was suspended in error, please contact us through the AdWords Help Center."


We dont knew what happened or why, then called to google phone number malaysia. Mr.Said from google, he helped us to create new account, ID: 175-496-0234 ( and then it was also suspended. 

We are now really upset about dont know what to do. Lastly I called again today to Google malaysia number and the call was transfered to Jhonmark Naz

Google AdWords Consultant. He told us that we have 2 accounts with same domain and for that could be suspended and also ask us to write an mail to google. Dear Sir, i have deleted all the previous account and made this account new. Please please kindly help us to get on business again. Please let us know if we need to do any changes or anything and we will do right away. Just please allow us and give us chance again. If we did anything wrong, i am highly apologized to google team.

Re: account suspended

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Community Manager

Hi there,

I've escalated this issue to a support specialist. You should hear an update soon.


Also, please edit your post to delete the Customer ID for your account security. 

Thanks for your patience,

Re: account suspended

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MA'AM thanks a lot for the mail.

Today i also found that the new account created yesterday Customer ID:103-xxx-3414 ( suspended. I will not create any more new account until google fix the problem and we will be waiting for google.

ma'am please please help us to get our business again online cause we are loosing many customer Smiley Sad


best regards and i am hopping good things from you and google.




Re: account suspended

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Ma'am my account still suspended and our business is so much down. Please help me.

We are ready to do anything for this, if google fine us, we would like to pay, if google say all account is suspended and need to create with new CC and email id, we will do that, just help us to run the business.

Please ma'am...