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account suspended

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My account got suspended for no reason! I need help cause I invested money in this campaigns. Now my ads aren't displaying. How to solve this issue?

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Re: account suspended

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Hi @pondo c

Visit this URL:


Once you're sure that you have gathered all of the information mentioned above and have fixed all the violations in your account, please contact us through this appeals form.



I request please read more following conversions for more help:


& try to contact with adwords representatives from:






Re: account suspended

Rising Star
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Rising Star
Hi Pondo,

Can you elaborate as to why exactly did you account get suspended?

Do keep a check on all the requirements for running an AdWords campaign and put in a request to Google though a Representative or by dropping in a mail to the support at Google Adwords.

Hope this Helps!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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Re: account suspended

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HAHA GOOD LUCK WITH THAT BS!! I LITERALLY GOT MY ACCOUNT SUSPENDED FOR NO FREAKIN REASON!!!!! LITERALLY LITERAALLLYYYY. I kept fillin gout all the forms they told me to fill out... i would only get an automated response saying "they know and their workong on it" this crap went on for months and months... i even tried to call these idiots and GUESS WAHT NO ONE COULD HELP IT WAS JUST A CALL CENTER. she literally told me that there isn't really a google adwords team who can help it's all "internal" meaning automated systems... she was a call center lady and couldn't access any of my info to help and told me to go to this link and fill out this stupid form... i did it and the usual automated msg came up... they even send me a few e-mails says YOUR ACCOUNT IS UP AND RUNNING AGAIN AND NOT SUSPENDED ANYMORE. YEA RIGHT... no change... e-mail after e-mail after e-mail and guess what i couldn't talk to ONE REAL PERSON IN OVER SEVERAL MONTHS. I tried sooo hard, if you can get this issue solved your a genius. when i say i tried really hard, i did, im not just some idiot who doesn't know what their talking about and just am spouting a bunch of BS right now ... SAVE YOUR TIME and get a diff acct seriously. (w/ difff infmation.) otherwise ur going to want to kill google adwords in a month after they have gave u the run around twenty seven times and just been total DICKS... well not THEM their automated system... i felt silly after awhile yelling through e-mails and forms considering... its not real people... i was just yelling at machines... inanimate objects... not smart lol.