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account suspended tech support

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Google before suspending the account for tech support never gave any warning for any kind of voilation. Also the reason for suspension has never been clear to the tech support companies.
Account Managers never responsed back and were taken off just before when it was required the most. This has been paritial attitude of google to advertisers and need to attention by Google but it was instead let down by the Customer support team by giving no support to the team. Question remains why still there are companies who weren't complying to policies still exist.
I can still see major spendors in the market who voilited policies are still running. Google jammed small entities maybe to pay way to big giants. Big giant still use trademark terms and had been using Toll Free is text ads post the policy rolled out by Google.


I have also heard that some companies have approached CCI (Competition Commission of India) where the companies have been shutdown because of google sudden suspension of account without any reason. Sudden suspension of mass account has affected the industry and if anyone is aware how to join this petition with CCI then please let us know.

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Re: account suspended tech support

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Hi Test,


Thank you for your posting. The question on the tech suppprt issue has come up as an issue in the last few months. In response to these inquiries, we posted answers to the most commonly asked Tech Suppport questions from the community (see below). Lastly if you suspect an advertiser or their website shows signs of unfair or violation of the Adwords policies, you will need to file a complaint on this form. Each complaint will then be evaluated by our specialist team and appropriate action will be taken, if required.


My business is legitimate. Why am I not running?

Your site was disabled as it was found to be in violation of our User Safety policy. We take many factors into consideration when determining account relationship. Our review is extensive and we cover a number of areas to ensure we are reaching an accurate conclusion. We are not at liberty to discuss the system or criteria that we use to determine this relationship.


Why are other remote tech sites running when mine is not?

Unfortunately we cannot comment on why specific advertisers may or may not be running at this time.


Does the location of my business matter?

No, the location of your business was not a factor in the decision.


What can I do to comply with the policy? What can I do to be to have my site re-enabled?

Since your site was correctly disabled by our system and reviewers as violating our User Safety policy, your site will not be re-enabled even with changes.


My site was disabled for “remote tech support” but I don’t provide that type of service. What can I do?

If your site was erroneously identified as a remote tech support site, you can file an appeal with our policy team so that they can investigate.


Where can I find the policy on third-party remote tech support?

We do not have a specific policy on remote tech support. You can review the User Safety policy on our AdWords Policy Center to learn more about our policy for protecting the safety of our users from fraudulent business models.


Why is this happening now?

We have longstanding policies against ads, websites, and businesses that appear to be generally deceptive or misleading and following those policies is a requirement to advertise with us. When we identify advertisers violating these policies, we take action right away.


Is there a ban on technical support services?

There is currently no policy ban on technical support businesses that comply with our AdWords policies. Like all businesses that advertise with us, technical support businesses much comply with all our policies including our User Safety Policy. We don’t allow businesses that we feel may pose a harm to our users.



Re: account suspended tech support

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Even I am interested in joining in the plea made to CCI. Some please help to get in touch with CCI.

Re: account suspended tech support

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