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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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account suspended tech support

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I am all set to start my Tech Support Process for USA and Canada, Just wish to know what are the policies updated by Google so that i can make necessary changes in my website and  can  actually keep  my campaign up and running . my every old account suspended then i am create a new account with fresh details but Google suspended my new account Why ?

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Re: account suspended tech support

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Hi Rahul, probably because you've tried to open another Account and bypass the suspension.  If your old Account was permanently suspended then that suspension applies to all future Accounts you may try to open.


As with all AdWords Accounts, if you adhere to the published Polices, to the letter, you'll be fine.  If you breach the Policies you can be suspended and that suspension may be a permanent ban.



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Re: account suspended tech support

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All accounts have been suspended beacuse they were not only violating "Editorial Guidelines" Policy but also "User Safety" , "Safety & Security" and "Unclear Billing" policies. 


When you talk to Google they rightfully claim that they have same policies for all business around the world. If you take care of all policies mentioned above and slight change in Business model then you can run your account for tech support.


Accounts which are running now following these policies.


For detailed info read this.


Re: account suspended tech support

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Please find alternative solution here.

Re: account suspended tech support

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Mr. Ujjawal... please stop doing fu****g advertise here... We are going through hard time and you are enjoying doing copy paste the marketing links.... PLEASE STOP!!! its really irritating!

Re: account suspended tech support

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Mr. Mohd,

I apolozise if you got offended. I also want long term solution to this issue as much as any tech support person want. Solution won't come out suddenly or by being in depressed state.
Advertisers, technical experts and Marketing specialist have to join hands to find solution.
Just wait and watch dude!

Re: account suspended tech support

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Hi Rahul,


The 2 biggest violations I’m seeing that are plaguing the Tech Support industry are:


Trademark violations
User Safety


I covered them in more detail on another thread on these community boards found here:


If you'd like to know more... I posted several videos on my Google+ page that you can view talking about why the Tech Support industry is getting hit so hard. Hopefully this will help.

And if you have any other questions about your situation... don't hesitate to ask.

-- Dathen Fairley

Re: account suspended tech support

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Hi Dathen,


Good to see that you are here to help tech support community. I have gone through what you have you written here. Everything you have written there is absolutely correct. Now I would like you to have a look at what has been written by John D. Paul(community manager) as a standard answer to suspension issues:



"Please read the following notice in regards to your tech support questions and issues:


The primary priority of our policies is to protect our User's Safety. Per the User Safety Policy, we we do not allow businesses that we feel may pose a harm to our users. To that end we have longstanding policies against ads, websites, and businesses that appear to be generally deceptive or misleading to our users.


We take many factors into consideration when assessing User Safety compliance. Our review is extensive and we cover a number of areas to ensure we are reaching an accurate conclusion. In many cases it is the fundamentals of the business itself is the primary concern.

As always if you have any concerns about this, you can contact support via email or submit a suspension appeal here.


 If you suspect an advertiser or their website shows signs of unfair or violation of the Adwords policies, you will need to file a complaint on this form. Each complaint will then be evaluated by our specialist team and appropriate action will be taken, if required."



What I understand from above is that in general google finds tech support business model deceptive and not safe to users. In specific cases if the business seems to legit and not deceptive it might be allowed but if found deceiving its users might get its account suspended later.


Waiting for your reply.

Re: account suspended tech support

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Hi Ujjawal,


Good question.


Let me put it this way.


Before Google came along... the internet was like the wild, wild, west. Pretty much anything goes. You can do a search on Alta Vista or AOL or some other search engine... and you had no clue what was going to show up.


Back then... there was no code of ethics for the internet. There were no regulations. No one was policing the world wide web. Back them... it was dangerous for users to buy things online because you just didn't know who you can trust. It really was like the wild, wild, west.


Whenever there is so much open freedom with no regulations... there always going to be unscrupulous types of people who want to take advantage of the innocent people in order to benefit for their own gain. Lots of bad people scamming people. Lots of people promoting illegal things. Lots of really bad activity going on because there was no one there to police it all.


That's when Google came along and said enough is enough. We need to put an end to this. And that's when they created a vision of creating an internet that was safe for all users.


Google's vison = Create an internet that was safe for all users.


That's why you might have heard people say back in the day that Google's motto was...


"Don't be evil."


Because behind that motto... was the idea of creating a safer internet for all users.


So when an industry gets a lot of heat from people complaining about getting ripped-off, or cheated, or lied to, or getting scammed, or companies not delivering what they said they would... then what a lot of people do is they begin to complain to government agencies like the FTC... and then when the people tell the FTC that they found these companies that cheated them on Google... then the FTC (or some other government agencies) come down hard on Google with some pretty hefty fines because the government feels Google is responsible for the harm being done since they allowed these advertisers to show up on their search engines.


Really... what the government wants is they want to dip into Google's big pockets and to take some of their money... and they're willing to take advantage of every opportunity that they can. And so when Google has to fork over some big money out of their own pocket to pay for some of these fines issued by the government... that's when Google now has to make a business decision.


Is it really worth it for us to continue to allow people in this specific niche or industry to advertise on our AdWords network? In other words... Google has to decide...


We just paid the government $500 million dollars in fines from this industry. And this industry is only bringing us back $250 million dollars in advertising revenue. So we are currently losing $250 million dollars by allowing all of these people in this specific industry to advertise on our AdWords network.


At that point... it just becomes a business decision.


Google has no other choice but to wipe out the specific industry because it no longer is profitable for their bottomline business to continue to allow them to advertise on AdWords.


All it does is more harm than good.


Either to the Google pockets.

Or harm to the Google Brand.


So it's a tough decision... but one that Google has no choice to avoid.


It doesn't mean that everyone in the particular niche or industry is a bad person, or a bad advertiser, or is doing bad things. It's just that as an industry as a whole... it just no longer makes business sense to allow it to run. And so that's when Google decides to do a clean sweep of an entire industry.


I've seen it happen in a lot of different industries before over the last 4-years.


- Vitamins / Supplements
- Loans
- Health Fitness (Weight Loss)
- Government Services

- There a lot of other industries that got hit as well.


And the Tech Support industry just happens to be the latest industry to get hit.


The good news is... like I said earlier... not everyone in this industry is a bad person or a bad advertiser with evil intentions to gain a benefit at other people's expense. There are a lot of good advertisers out there with a lot of good intentions. The only problem is that Google doesn't have the man power or resources to weed out all the evil advertisers. They don't have the man power to look into the hearts of each and every advertiser to determine who is evil... and who actually has good intentions of helping people.


So if you're a good person with good intentions for your company to truly help others... there is hope because the issues can be fixed and you can get approved by Google to run again.


You see... there are a lot of good people out there in the tech support industry that just got bad advice... and were doing evil things to promote their tech support business online without really knowing it. They were just doing what everyone else was doing because that's what was working but they didn't really realize what they were doing was actually pretty bad. For the user... or for the Google Brand.


I like to explain it this way...

It's like when you hire a bad contractor who gives you bad advice and you haven't thought the repercussions of that advice all the way through... you simply trusted the information because it promised a desired result. And now that the building inspector caught your shady work without permits... you are held fully responsible for the result and hit with heavy fines.

To truly fix your tech support business... you have to be willing to "fire" the contractor giving you bad advice and start all over from scratch, pulling all the necessary permits upfront and not cut corners or Google will never welcome you back with open arms.


So one of the toughest things I have to do with clients who are trying to fix their violations so they can get approved to run again by Google is changing their ways. But it's sometimes the hardest thing to do.


It's like trying to get a smoker to quit smoking.
Or trying to convince an Alcoholic that they no longer need alcohol anymore in their life.


Most people just can't even imagine what life would be like without those things.


And it's the same for suspended business owners as well.


They just can't imagine how their business would work once they make all the changes I tell them to make to their sites, their business model, and their advertising.


It's one of the hardest things to do.


And it's even harder to keep them from going back to their old ways.


Like when a smoker quits for a week... but then they can't take it anymore and the following week they're right back at smoking again.


That's what a lot of suspended advertisers end up doing too. They may fix their violations right now... but ultimately want to go back to their old ways shortly after.


That's why for Google... they are very selective on who they allow back on AdWords. They have to feel 100% confident that you are truly reformed... and that you won't go back to your old ways. Otherwise... it's not worth it to them to unsuspend your account.


They consider you to be 'high-risk' in their eyes until you can prove you've changed.


But the bottomline is... there is hope.


If you're open-minded... and willing to take in the advice I give you... I usually have a very high success rate of being able to turn a business around and getting them to be approved by Google to run again on AdWords.


It's not always easy... but it is possible.
And it can be done.

Even in this tech support industry.


And no Google is not evil.

They are not trying to punish you.


They just want to clean up the industry. And in the end... all they want is:


...To create an internet that is safe for all users.


And right now... the industry they are working to clean up is the Tech Support industry.


So hopefully my long ramblings right here gives you a new perspective of what it's like to be in Google's shoes.


And hopefully this gives you a new perspective on why Google is doing what they are doing.


If you put yourself in Google's shoes... and you change your business to be the kind of business that Google would be proud to advertise to their users... that's what it's going to take to get back on AdWords.


All they want is to feel confident that you are not evil... and that you are actually doing a lot of good for their users and providing a valuable experience that the users would be happy to tell others about as well.


If you can do that... you'll be in good shape.


That's it for now guys.


If you have any other questions you'd like me to address... don't hesitate to ask.


-- Dathen Fairley


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Re: account suspended tech support

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I posted this on another thread but when I see people posting up links like this on this community board... 

it really makes me sad to see how what's going around in the Tech Support world when it comes AdWords Account Suspensions is really a lot of mis-information.


So I'm posting this response here again because I think it's really important.


Here's what I mean when it comes to a lot of mis-information going around in the tech support world around Google AdWords account suspensions...


If you're main 'Strategy' is to add a few tabs like a Free Support tab, or a Contact tab with a map of your location in India, or having a 'Plans' tab the lists your pricing services... you're missing the big picture.


All you're really doing is trying to put paint over your Tech Support business hoping that Google will think you're a different business. It's like taking an ugly duckling... dressing it up, putting lipstick on it, and trying to pass the ugly duckling as a beautiful Swan.


C'mon... do you really think Google's not going to be able to tell that you're not just an ugly duckling all dressed up trying to pretend to be a swan? The mentality of most people in the Tech Support business is that there's this easy quick fix to make my business tech support business be approved by Google.


But the reason why Google is not going to accept you or allow you to advertise on Google over the long-term is because you're still acting like an Ugly Duckling. When I work with clients to fix their violations... my job is to turn these ugly ducklings... and help them to transform their businesses so they can become beautful swans.


Google only wants to promote businesses that are beautiful swans... that make a difference, that contribute tremendous value, that won't harm people, and promote business they can be proud of. Because think about it... if Google promotes businesses that are setup with that mindset... that brings back tremendous value to Google's brand... and puts Google's reputation at a very high state in the eyes of the searcher.


A state of mind where the searcher will use Google more... tell others how they love using Google versus any other search engine... give Google very good reviews. So you have to start thinking with that mind frame.


The question you should be asking yourself is... how can I transform my tech support business to make it a business where Google would want to partner with me? How can I transform my tech support business so that Google could be proud of my business and would be willing to recommend me to their users?


When you start thinking like that... then it'll become very obvious why just putting extra tabs at the top of your page is not the long-term solution Google is looking for.


There's more to it than that.


So hopefully this gives you a better idea of what Google is looking for and hopefully it steers you away from just trying to find quick easy fixes that makes no difference and won't make a difference.


Google expects more from their partners that they are willing to allow to promote on AdWords. And so it can be done... but you'll just have to transform how your business operates and promotes itself in order to make it work.


I'm going to be doing a Google Hangout that's open to the public for anyone that wants to attend. I just can't stand all the mis-information going around from people who are giving you bad advice on how to fix the problems. It's not helping anyone.


I think more people need to hear the truth of why Google is suspending your accounts instead of all the mis-information that's going around.


Connect with me on Google+ and I'll keep you updated to when we will be hosting the Google hang-out so you can interact with me and ask me your biggest questions live over the hangout.


-- Dathen Fairley


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