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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Your account is suspended

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Please help me I have had my ad running for two days, I have huge trouble with my internet provider I didn't know that adwords was asking for £50.00 to be paid immediately my account got put into suspension and now I can not get it to run again.


I have 3 warnings.

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Your ads aren't running - Please pay your amount due , £50.00. Fix it tried to pay this but wont accept my payment, so I setup up direct debit in hope that they take the funds very soon and it fixes this problem.
Your account is suspended - We've identified suspicious behaviour in the payment activity of this or your other AdWords accounts. To help prevent any unauthorised activity, we suspended your AdWords accounts. Learn more
Ok it seems my business address got mixed up with my credit card provider they are different addresses so I fixed this problem.
 - We've had to suspend your AdWords account because it contains major or repeated violations of our advertising policies. Learn more
Im so unsure what else I need to do, my website is an only 1 page info page, with a contact us bit at the bottom, so unsure now what repeated violations I have made other then the issue with payment.
I have rang Google/Adwords for them to say follow the instructions, I have and for some reason I can not pay using my credit card which had funds on and never been a problem before to pay the amount, again I had to setup direct debit in hope it fixes.
Can they not actually tell you what violations u have made or what you have done wrong, or why they will not take my payment?
Any advice please help.
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Re: Your account is suspended

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Well if you were billing address wasnt right and if u r payments got declined it certainly will go as a violation. Sensitive data like billing is something you should always give more attention. specially in cases like Adwords because this is something taken seriously.

I would suggest you to solve things one by one. First focus on paying outstanding balance. If your pre paid card pay it most probably either your country is not supported for pre paid payments or there is some issue with card. Check it first and settle the payment.

Also your account being suspended for suspicious behavior most probably related to your card activity.

Read here

"Your account can be suspended if we see suspicious behaviour in your payment activity, such as using a stolen credit card"

Try resolving the first issue and talking to the team in order to solve the rest