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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Your Google AdWords account has been suspended

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here i am getting ready to go after local business, providing them lead through ad's.
login to my adwords account, note i have not run any ad's for about 2 years say. and this is what i see
' Your Google AdWords account has been suspended for violation of Google's Advertising Policies in this or a related account"

now what could this be. took me two weeks to find the problem. A deleted AD, that's right a deleted AD. within the AD was a website i no longer own. The website is parked. not by me of cause because i don't own the site. did i say i do not own the site.

All adwords support is telling me fix the problem. i say the AD was deleted over two years ago. Oh and i did say the site is no longer under my control / owned by me.

please pray tell how am i suppose to fix the problem.?

please any help would be welcome.

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Re: Your Google AdWords account has been suspended

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This is a firm policy by Google: once a site - linked to your account - violated the Policy, it first MUST be fixed. Abandoning the site/ let it go, does NOT resolve the issue. You (somehow) have to gain control over the site and fix it. Otherwise; you cannot appeal for un-suspension;

You could argue whether this policy by Google is justified or not / whether it should be changed or not... For now, this is the Policy.
Sorry we can't help;
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Re: Your Google AdWords account has been suspended

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Thank you