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World-class companies that champions start-ups community

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Hello Friends out there,


Urgent and important dissapointment!


The same thing happened to my site <edited by a Community Manager as noted below> as some of those covered by this forum. it is a shock, after 2 years of maintaining a website that literally earns nothing but only remains in my sights with the thought  that someday it will happen. But not for this case. Personally, I have a small but successful contributor in my own way to Youtube though minimilist in approach and been away from this for some time now. Also, l am always reporting the best things in life in Facebook and other responses.  <edited>, my website, is my passion thats not  been ignited so far. Its about something l believed in. Well thats on a sincere note. A few months ago, i embarked on a new milestone for this literally dormant website. it was small project and just to have an developer to do some design work on <edited>. Lately, in the meantime, l also spent quite regularly to boost my Facebook stories. A few days ago, something happened that made me frustrated and with the system. It came from Google as well as Facebook. By right, they should support me. Instead they cancelled my Adword and Ads respectively fearing the wost worst from the malware alert. Infact, the disclosures on Malware the fact is over 90 days the website <edited> did not appear to function as a intermediary for the infection of any site nor the site having hosted malicious software over the past 90 days meant nothing to my situation. Instead, Google asked for requested for review of the site using Google Webmaster tools. To add to this predicament, <edited>,  the third party developer on my design choose to remain luke warm and ignored me, they did not come back to me to give me advice for the most logical steps to be taken except for a small note they are on to it. l spend thousands of dollars just to have them on board the project and they are quiet like a mouse unlike being noisy when selling me something. The new site never got completed after months of dissection and open security. Time l believe is the essence yet no one took the time to assist us. At the same time, l received the Malware alert, l purchased in cash on-line an advance from <edited>, a partner of <edited>. The latter merely gave an email with an international call number saying he was a specialist who could fix my problem. My emails to him came back with a generalised email stating the same fact, that i should call him. What happened to calls by Whatsapps ( i asked the specialist to call me). Isnt this suppose to be a better option to speak important stuff and minimise costs. As my developer, he must not be interested even as a partner of <edited>. This is all so confusing for me. Looks like people just either hit you and give you the fear signal whereby no money-no talk is the order of the day. What is going on with our world of IT! Is there no place for an honest start-up.<edited>

NOTE: This post has been edited by a Community Manager in order to remove links which have the potential to put other members at risk, and to remove contact information and other unnecessary URLs. In any future posts please limit your discussion and questions to the AdWords product, as AdWords is the sole topic of this forum.
As a best practice, please do not post links to sites that are suspected of - or flagged as having - Malware in this or any other public forum.
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Re: World-class companies that champions start-ups community

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Hi Khalid,


We cannot help with account suspensions on the Community, as we don't have access to your account. Please contact our support team directly to get help on the matter--you can reach them here.