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Why was my Adwords account supended?

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I logged in for the first time in almost two years to use the keyword tool. I had not run any campaigns in almost two years. I logout and the next day log back in and all of a sudden my account is suspended. I never received any warnings and still no one has told me what policies were violated. I have written probably 20 emails to various departments, called, and filed 3 appeals, all to no avail.


When I created the campaigns two years ago I thought I was being careful. I used to have Adwords open in one window and the policies open in another, constantly checking as I created my ads. I deleted all my campaigns but that did not fix the issue apparently. I have tried to go in and edit the ads but the system won't let me make changes; not that I would know what to fix anyway since no one will tell me what policies I violated.


If this were any other company, I would happily take my business else where. I'm starting a new business and need to advertise. I hate the monopoly Google has on search. Instead of Don't Be Evil the slogan should be Necessary Evil because you pretty much have to jump through Google's hoops if you want online success.


I really appreciate the service Google provides but it's hard not to hate someone when they treat you like dirt.


What do I do? Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Re: Why was my Adwords account supended?

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Hi Johnny, 


Thanks for posting your question to our forum.


I read your post and I got in contact with our support team. It appears as if you have already been in contact with them. The support team is really the best team to help and/or make decisions in instances like this. No one in the community has access to your personal account details for your privacy and protection. 


The best thing that I would advise is wait for their reply from "adwords-support" and also check your spam box as any communication could possibly end up there.