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Why is Nicotine considered a Tobacco product?

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Nicotine is also found in potatoes, green peppers and many other vegetables.  It's pharmacological make up resembles caffeine and is an alkaloid just like caffeine, with the same bio effects on the human body.  Nicotine is a drug, like Caffeine, and used in different dose amounts, like caffeine. (remember jolt cola!)  In high doses, nicotine can cause serious side effects but so can caffeine, and unlike nicotine, caffeine has killed many people, bringing on Cardiac Arrhythmia's and fatal MI's (myocardial infarcts)  Yes I am trained in chemistry and do work in cardiology. These are facts not observations and by linking a drug to an act prevents the general population from benefiting from technology that can improve their health.  Nicotine gum is a drug but has benefited from strategic advertising preventing said link.

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Re: Why is Nicotine considered a Tobacco product?

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Please review the Tobacco Products Policy . The answer is based on the intent of the usage. (whether nicotine is used for quit smoking or as a drug)

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