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Why have destination URLs with short URLs from domains such as

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A client is using Hubspot landing pages.
These have additional parameters to aid tracking, e.g. ?utm_campaign=PPC+-+Chile&utm_source=PPC&

Then Hubspot recommend the use of their shortened URLs e.g.
My client says this too was recommended for easier tracking.

I am not clear how this AIDS tracking as it certainly abstracts them from the Adwords Interface.

I have found a case where this type of tracking redirection appears to be acceptable:
OK display: >> destination w/ custom tracking:{customstuff} >> landing page:


What would be the advantage of doing this over simple tracking code on the target domain?
The target domain may have tracking code for more than one tracker; Hubspot, Analytics, etc.

Re: Why have destination URLs with short URLs from domains such as hub

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I think it aids tracking for the Hubspot interface & their Analytics system. Which makes sense because you want to get the most out of using their system.

Basically they placed their own tracker on there for their analytics dahboards which most ppc software applies to destination URLS. Syncapse, Adxsearch, Marin they all append their tracking parameters to destination URLS.

Hope this helps.