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Why does my site violate Adword TOS?

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Dear better-informed-than-me,


First of all, here's the ubiquitous 'I'm new to all this'. I've been reading and researching and the reading some more but I still don't understand a couple of issues I'm facing with Adwords.


I recently set up a blog on and paid for the domain ( - is it ok to mention the name here?) to market my services. I tried to run an Adword campaign but was told it was disapproved, but I simply don't know why. I've been through all the TOS and violations and can't find anything wrong. I even removed some articles / pictures that by some stretch could be considered 'strong' by some sensitivities.


More ominously, it says in red letters next to my keywords 'Site Suspended' (!)


My questions:

Could I ask someone to take a look at my site and give me a clue why it was disapproved?

By 'Site Suspended', I understand that it may or may not be suspended from Google search, in brief, will I no longer show up in searches?


I've been on this issue for days, so I am not asking lightly. Any assistance would be appreciated.


I can be contacted at





Re: Why does my site violate Adword TOS?

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Hi Stewart,


Have you tried contacting the AdWords support team? They'll be able to tell you exactly what policy your website is in breach of.

Contact AdWords


Re: Why does my site violate Adword TOS?

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Thanks Ryan, 

been trying them all day. I'm in Kuwait so tried the UAE number they listed and now trying the US number. I can't use 800 numbers tho.

Thanks for your response