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Why did my account get suspended for seemingly nothing?

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I'm wondering why my account was suspended.  


I was informed that the account was suspended because there was something wrong with the ads.  I'm not sure how this is possible, why would the ad be approved if there was something in violation of the terms and conditions?


I initially opened my account, just to see how it all worked.  So I zealously created the ad, which were rejected the first couple of times.  So I called support, and they informed me of what was wrong, and so I changed it.  The ad then got approved.  


After a couple days, I decided to pause the ad, because I was satisfied with this pseudo-trial-run.  Then all of a sudden I get an email a few weeks later telling me that my account had been suspended, when I hadn't even been logged in or involved in any activity relating to the account since pausing the first ad weeks prior.


This all seems very illogical to me.  Did I have ads running which I wasn't aware of? If this was the case, I can assure you that I that any ads prior to the one that got approved, were not meant to run.  And if they were violating any sort of rules, why would they have been approved?  


I'm sure this had something to do with it, as when I had paused the initial ad, I had spent $11 approximately on bids.  Yet when I returned to my account upon notice of the suspension, $39 had been depleted.  I distinctly remember pausing the ad.  So what did these extra $28 go towards?  Surely some ad/s that I honestly had no Idea were running?


If that is the case please forgive me, for I was merely testing the waters, and made some mistakes, likely related to my being legally blind.  All things that are transpiring and/or present on screen aren't always clear and easily noticeable to me.  So If it's related to any ads that were running, I wasn't aware of them, for this reason most likely.


At any rate, can you please provide a specific reason as to why I got suspended; I get it, I violated the terms and conditions, but please be specific. 


PS: Does this mean that I won't be able to place google ads on my site or is that separate to adwords?  If it means that I cannot place ads by Google, then that would be utterly devastating, as my first site is almost complete.  I've put in so many hours (days in fact) into developing it, finding keywords to rank for, creating the content; not to mention all the money.  It would be utterly crushing If this silly mistake and/or technicality costs me the ability to monetize my site with Google.


I contacted support, and hadn't received a response yet, so I was hoping to find some help here. Smiley Sad


Thank you.

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Re: Why did my account get suspended for seemingly nothing?

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Hi Adam,

These are all very account specific questions that we cannot 100% answer as we don't have access to your account. I would advise to wait for a reply from the AdWords Support team.

We cannot tell you the specific reasons why your account has been suspended.