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Why can't I have 2 different destination URLs in the same adgroup

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I simply want to add both my custom domain urls and banded URLs in the same adgroup.  Adwords says I can't do this.  Is there any way around this rule, and why do they have this rule?


I.E. I want to add these two handwriting recognition based URLS to the same group and these 2 ICR based URLs to another adgroup.

Handwriting Recognition 1

Handwriting Recognition 2


Intelligent Character Recognition 1

Intelligent Character Recognition 2

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September 2015

Re: Why can't I have 2 different destination URLs in the same

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Hi Neel,
AdWords only allows one Domain per Ad Group - there are no exceptions here.  Also, AdWords does not allow double-serving (they'll only serve on Ad, per website, per AdWords Account for any given search query.

What exactly are you trying to do?  I tried both of your URLs - could you perhaps host the content on just one domain?  If the content was on the same domain, you could do an A/B test and see what ones performs better.  You could do this via AdWords Campaign Experiments.