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Why call for violance AdWords Campaign is hardly removed?

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It is bad news to find out that if the google team is too busy and some criminal entity pays for AdWords campaign calling for violance and insulting people and business, probably it will take days or more until the campaign is removed! Of course that will not be a big problem...but if again the criminal entity pays for AddWords Campaign another link ... and it takes agains days or more...and so on i guess the problem is never solved by GooGle team as this is not theyr problem?  So for the moment it seems that people have to hide or never make business online because anyone can be all the time with clicks and the money destroying their life and business...with the help of google?

Should this be somehow corrected?

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Re: Why call for violance AdWords Campaign is hardly removed?

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Hi Cristian77,


I'm having trouble seeing exactly what you're looking for here.  I can tell you that Google has a very serious and strict set of policies with AdWords use and does enforce them regularly.


I get a sense that you believe you are the victim of some wrong doing or have come across some problematic ads.  If you want to share screenshots or URL's here, please do.  Otherwise, you can make your feedback heard by filling in the form found here:


If we can help you in any way, please let us know. 



Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Why call for violance AdWords Campaign is hardly removed?

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A few days ago i used the contact google form again to complain but no response for the moment so the situation was never solved.

Let me explain better whats going on. I have exclusivity for Q-Link Products (USA) in ROMANIA but the russian Competition choose the perfect help to attack me and my products: GooGle AdWords (the used keywords for AdWords Campaign in Romania are: qlink, q-link and srt3)! to trick my clients on the phone ...and online without even having the products for sale, the intention is to deceive by misleading texts online and on the phone!


Its almost 1 month since google Team allow threats, trademark infrigement, misleading and deception with AdWords Campaign.(DMCA response from google team is something about: At this time, Google has decided not to take action based on our policies concerning content removal.. Wow. so i really dont know how to understand Google Feedback!)


I attached the image with the current GooGle AdWords campaign aggressively destroying my Fresh Started Business in Romania stopping me from advertising anymore and loosing a lot of money. The Russian competition have 3 fake websites ( with *Adwords now and which twist words and play about selling and denigration of my name and my Business (products) using maximum deception also calling people to violance and the wrong places in exhibitions and other misleading directions...switching the AdWords Campaign between theyr 2 (3) faked websites!


Even if Google will stop this AdWords Campaigns The Russian Competition will make other websites and other AdWords Campaigns so this will never end!?


I really need an answer why Google Team allow this illegality in Romania and how people can be protected against this if possible ..? And how much time it takes to remove a clearly aggressive and illegal AdWords Campaign as in my case its almost 1 month and Google Dont Help.



Re: Why call for violance AdWords Campaign is hardly removed?

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If your competition is using your trademark and or copyrighted materials, just send their web host a dmca notice and also send them a cease and desist letter. The web host will usually make their client take the content down because they will ultimately be held accountable for the malicious activity and they do not want to go to court for someone's actions. It's works every time for our company.

Re: Why call for violance AdWords Campaign is hardly removed?

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Hello, Cristian.


As long as you are only a reseller in Romania, and not the trademark owner for Q-Link, and if they're not copying your website,  I don't think (though I am not entirely sure) that they are violating a Google AdWords policy.


They've just realized there's an opportunity to sell in Romania and promoted themselves via AdWords as well.


Did you talk to the manufacturer of those products, who granted you exclusivity for Romania? Under normal circumstances I think that they should contact the Russian company and settle this with them. As far as I know, from other companies, there are even situations when customers want to buy from abroad and still they are directed to the local distributor (instead of having a distributor from abroad push for sales in another country). I also know of a case when a distributor from another country "expanded" his reach across Europe, and advertised with AdWords, but quickly stopped when the manufacturer contacted them and told them to limit themselves to their designated market.


Of course, you could also try to fish for AdWords-related violations and submit them to the Google AdWords Policy team, but if they fix their websites afterwards they may be back. Or you can file for trademark, if that's possible, in Romania.


But at this point, like I said, the fact that they advertise, in Romania, being a Russian company, and you being the exclusive distributor / reseller for Romania, may not constitute an AdWords policy violation.



Calin Sandici, AdWords Top Contributor | Find me on: Google+ | Twitter | LinkedIn | myBlog
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Re: Why call for violance AdWords Campaign is hardly removed?

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thank you for reply TOM ...


I thought the google team have done something because the adwords advertise didnt show up .. but after a few weeks i can see it again ..


I sent a lot of informations to Google Team and nothing ... 

What can i do? I really dont want to repeat the information on Google Forms...


Its clearly that google advertising Policies are not respected.




Advertiser claims

What's the policy?

Your AdWords ads should be truthful, accurate and up to date every time they're shown to users.

Advertiser claims include but are not limited to: competitive claims, superlatives, offers, discounts and pricing. This policy also covers unverified offers and claims that are either scientifically impossible, or otherwise misleading to users.

  • All advertising claims must be factually supportable.
  • All discounts and offers in your ad must be up-to-date and must match the content on your website.
  • All advertised products, prices, offers and discounts must be available on your site, at most two clicks away from your landing page, or through a basic search on your site.
  • Users must be able to perform the ad's call to action – if any – on the site, within 2 clicks of the landing page.
  • Any pricing information in ads must comply with local regulations concerning inclusion of tax and other applicable charges.

Nothing is true or accurate on that website but of course its deceiving: (


is only the competition trying to revenge ... So revenges like these are accepted although are opposite to Advertising Policies? 

Google Team just accept...i cant understand this! Why?