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Why are other remote tech sites running when mine is not?

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This is the answer given by Google, "Unfortunately we cannot comment on why specific advertisers may or may not be running at this time."

If Google is fair, it would have the exact reason for why one tech support firm's Ads is running and another's is not. It would not give such a lame and diplomatic answer.


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Re: Why are other remote tech sites running when mine is not?

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Hi Prabhat,


Thank you for posting. As indicated in your post, Google cannot give specific information on why an advertisers site may not be running. If your ads, site or account has been found in violation of the Adwords Policy (including User Safety), your account can be permanently suspended. If this is the case, there is no re-course for unsuspending your account.


If you suspect an advertiser or their website shows signs of unfair or violation of the Adwords policies, you will need to file a complaint on this form. Each complaint will then be evaluated by our specialist team and appropriate action will be taken, if required.