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Why are flashing ads allowed when a strobe effect is KNOWN to cause seziures?!?!?

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My brother suffers from seziures. I have migraines. Neither of us can tolerate the flashing ads that appear from Google Ads. This is a health and safety issue that has been long overlooked and is negatively impacting the health and well being of a large demographic of consumers. I demand you to correct this matter effective immediately or I will bring a class action suit against your company.

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October 2016

Re: Why are flashing ads allowed when a strobe effect is KNOWN to cause seziures?!?!?

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Hi @Jeanine K,


This is a technical forum for AdWords help. You will want to use the form (link below) to send your concerns directly to Google. To be clear, these ads are not allowed by AdWords advertisers for the purposes you state. Everyone agrees with your thoughts and concerns. 



Google generally disapproves ads for "strobing" - in many cases there really is not "strobe" effect - the ads simply change in time - but Google errs on the side of caution in most cases.

There are always going to be some ads that slip through the process - and there is a complaint form here that you can use to report these ads:

However, before you do so, are you sure that these ads are Google ads? Many websites that carry ads have a combination of ads they sell themselves and then the remainder are then sold on to Google advertisers through the Adsense program.... so whilst Google ads may be running on a page, this doe snot mean that all the ads on a page are served by Google....

Google ads have the small blue triangle in the top right corner.



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