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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Why Was Our Account Suspended for Untrustworthy Promotions?

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www. visacentro .com


Our account has been suspended and the reason listed is Untrustworthy Promotions (nothing else). We've been operating transparently for the past 2 years and disclose everything on our website of the services and added value we bring. We provide quality visa services and have seen results and received great responses from our clients.


Our Services:

Our services include putting together embassy packages with supporting documents our clients provide us, we review their applications for errors and common mistakes, and provide list of supporting documents lists, schedule appointments, request expedited appointments on behalf of our clients, providing them with tailored instructions, troubleshoot technical issues,  reschedule appointments, pay fees on behalf of clients, and more. We essentially are our client's personal assistant and liason in the application process, and we have extensive experience in the field. We offer a money-back guarantee and if you want to cancel at anytime, we refund our client's money in full. 



Our clients have seen a 96.3% chance of getting approved by using our service, because of the system we have in place, when globally visas have about a 50% chance of approval (as stated by the US State Department. We've helped people that have previously been denied from obtaining a US visa, and assisted them in overturning their denial and getting approved, which has a 6% chance of happening (as stated by the US State Department).



Our clients must agree to our disclaimers and terms of use which discloses we are a private entity not affiliated with the us government, before they even enter the site.  We also confirm this over the phone after an order is placed (offering a refund if they choose to cancel). Our branding doesn't even pose as a US government entity.


We've spoken to many adwords support team members in the past regarding our account, and site, as we have previously been automatically suspended about 8 times in the past 2 years. And every time the ads are suspended, we work with Google to improve on our site and we comply 100%. Last suspension took place almost a year ago as we fully comply with all policies. In fact, we've had many conversations with the support team, and they have confirmed verbally and via email that they have no idea why we keep getting suspended because they verified that we are in deed in compliance.

As for misrepresentation of self, we were only cited for Untrustworthy Promotions, and we state all our facts and delivered our evidence to Google Adwords to prove accuracy of all our statements (even the approval rate). The services, representation, and statements we make are accurate and the services we offer are not free.


The policy states:

That there is something fundamentally wrong with the business itself, posing an immediate threat to our users' safety -- whether online or offline.
- We have been been operating over 2 years with a goal of becoming the Turbo tax of non-immigrant visas. People in the industry that offer similar services are "Visa Now .com" "File Right .com" "Clear Path Immigration .com" and a few less than transparent models that we dot look to model after, like "US- Immigration .com" and "Immigration Direct . com". There are more services like this for international travel, but we're focusing on US-bound.


The first 3 are more along the lines of what we are offering, but "Visa Now" offers Legal Advice, and nobody else does.


Examples of untrustworthy behavior include (1) enticing users to part with money or information under false or unclear pretenses; (2) presenting a false identity, business name, or contact information; (3) charging users for products or services typically available for free; and (4) sites that are "phishing" for users' information.

1. Our services are clearly stated on our site along with our pricing, and we tell the visitor they can apply directly themselves. We have a disclaimer above the fold stating who we really are. So there are no false or unclear pretenses. We are very clear about who we are, what we do, and how much we charge.

2. We are not presenting false identities, business names, or contact information. We are operating under our full legal name and we state our business address on the site in the footer and in the contact us page along with a map. Our phone number is on the header on every page. Our hours of operation are stated as well.

3. We are not charging users for products or services typically available for free. The only part of our service offered for free is a version of the form we have in place. We have changed the form to allow users to answer the form more accurately. This is the same concept that the form services company File Right .com employs and the tax services Turbo Tax .com offers. All the forms are available online and all they do is simplify the completing of the free forms available. However, we take it a step further and offer real one-on-one clerical assistance afterwards over the phone and via email. That's why we need the forms to be completed. If they were to submit the forms directly on the government site, the information would be inaccessible to us and we would not be able to review the information in order to assist them.

4. We are not phishing information, as we delete information and do not even market to our own clients via phone or email. We don't have any software or malware on our site. We simply work on our client's application, and trust that the quality of service provided will bring them back again. And it usually does.


In Conclusion:

We are really not violating anything, and Google isn't really looking into our business in depth. We feel it's more of a blanket approach to eliminate an entire industry. It just doesn't make sense. And after the last appeal, the account has been suspended, meaning anyone involved with the company can never advertise with Google again. How and why is this happening? Is there ANY feedback we can get other than stating the fact that we are suspended and the account was reviewed. Anything we can work with in order comply with any policies we may not be complying with? Anything specific.

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Re: Why Was Our Account Suspended for Untrustworthy Promotions?

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Hello again @ALBERTO C;

Your case was discussed in this thread;

Please post any follow up in the original thread. Having said that, within the scope of the community, I think we have covered your issue as much as we could. Any further steps require an access to  the account  (which we don't have), and checking past  campaign's activities specific to your case. (Which we naturally can't do on  a public forum)

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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